[COMIC] JG’s Vacation part 3!

Welcome back to another Monday Comics -part 3 of JG’s Vacation!

This is shaping up to be either a tragedy or a disaster piece…


If you missed part 2 last week you can check it out here: JG’s Vacation part 2. Then head back here for this week’s happenings!

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Greetings, Hypertransitory readers! So this week marks about 3 solid months of Monday Comics here on Hypertransitory.com. I have to admit I’m pretty proud of myself.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like much, but a lot of work goes into these. Even so, it’s been a lot of fun finally realizing some of the ideas I’ve had kicking around in my head for you guys to see.

If you’re just getting here now, or even if you’ve been here awhile (thank you repeat readers!), you may not know you can catch up on the Monday Comics Archives easily by clicking the Monday Comics category link for a quick list and summary of each comic, or you can check out the Monday Comics Slideshow and read through all the comics without the blog post format.

You can also check the sidebar for a list of the last 10 comics for easy clicking. Although I might change this to the last 5. My pages are image-heavy anyway so maybe a few less thumbnails will help.

Popularity Contests…

I’m happy to say that traffic is going up, y’all! I’m sure posting regularly has helped out a lot with that.

However, my comics are not even close to cracking the top 10 when it comes to most popular content on this site. I’m using Google Analytics to check these stats.

The number one spot goes to my Vuze/PS3 bitorrent media server article. This one was written aaaaaaaaaalll the way back in July 2010 and it still gets hit like crazy.

Filling out the rest of my top 10 are Facebook, Joomla and other bittorrent articles.

This is cool and all, but I don’t really want to be known for those things. I love comics and creating art, so I’d rather be known for that instead.

This is easier said than done. My comics don’t make an appearance until the number 15 spot. The most popular Monday Comic of all is The Life Taker. I guess I didn’t think it would be that one. I suppose I thought Kid Hype might be the favorite, but that’s apparently not the case.

The very next Monday Comics appearance doesn’t happen until way down at number 25, and that one is part one of JG’s Vacation series (of which this post is a part of).

Kid Hype doesn’t show up until aaaaaalll the way down at number 67. Wow!

I was thinking of taking a poll and seeing if anyone wanted any particular character to re-appear in Monday Comics, but the evidence seems clear. Still, it would be interesting to see if the poll actually matched up with what Google Analytics is telling me.

So anyway I’ll wrap up this creator notes episode for now. I hope you guys will join me next week for the final installment of JG’s Vacation. It’s sure to be a blast…and hey, President Obama will be there so you just gotta come. I’ll see you there!

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35 thoughts on “[COMIC] JG’s Vacation part 3!

    1. Hi Annie! We will find out the answer once and for all next week lol!

      And thanks for the 4 panel props, you know I have trouble with these things :)

  1. I’m loving your vacation John. What fun! You’ve done a great job with your comics and I know I’ve said this numerous times but you are so talented. Will look forward to your conclusion.


    1. Hey Adrienne! Thanks for the compliments! I’m glad you’re having fun with this, it has been a ton of fun for me so far, as well.

      I will see you next week for the conclusion, my friend!

  2. LOL I had to catch up. Poor thing..vacation just isn’t working out is it? :) Love them! Can’t wait to see what you order from Obama.

    1. Hey Melinda, this vacation kind of SUCKS a little bit I must admit.

      I think whoever is drawing this thing should make happier comics. oh, wait…

  3. Quite a subtle political commentary: “Barkeep, I demand service, NOW!”

    I love how you capture the classical comic book postures, from the Raquel Welch no-swinging-arm lurch to the busted eyeglasses, to the hyperbolic fist slam.

    Carry on!



    1. Haha I forgot about that Raquel Welch Seinfeld episode! I wish I could say I meant to reference that lol

      Anyway, I sure hope Obama can fix things next week. Thanks for commenting!

      1. I can never forget that one. When I was little, my dad used to crack me with his impersonation of the cartoonish walk popular in the cheap-o Hanna-Barbera days.



  4. I really like your vacation John. What a great fun! You’ve done a great job with your comics and I know that you are so gifted.

    1. Thanks a, lot Rachel, I appreciate the compliment!

      I feels good that people are enjoying these : thanks for commenting!

  5. You caught me there JG. This is the first time that I read your comics, and though it’s just a snippet, I had fun reading it. I guess seeing Obama as the service crew doesn’t make the vacation worse. Or does it? Haha. I’ll read your previous entries and I’ll look forward for the next episode.

    1. Hey Tyrone!

      Yeah we’ll have to see what Obama’s presence brings to the story, hopefully something good! Be on the lookout for the next installment. Thanks for going to read the rest and thanks for commenting!

  6. LOL!!! Obama? Ahahaha, what a great vacation. I wouldnt mind that some president serves me a drink! ;)
    I am really eagerly waiting to see what will happen next!

    1. Hi Eleonora, yeah Obama just shows up where you would least expect him! I hope he knows how to make a good stiff drink :)

      Thanks for commenting~

  7. Hahahaa Obama?? So random and hilarious. I love his casual attitude, “yeah it’s me, why wouldn’t it be?” lol Another great installment, thanks!

  8. Haha, President Obama. I sure didn’t see that coming.
    Also, in relation to your comic content not getting the most views, it took me four visits to your page to even find a comic. However, I wasn’t exactly seeking them out either. After I found them though, I have read quite a few. Keep it up and they will start getting more hits.

    1. Yeah my site is not organized in the most logical manner.

      When I first started this blog I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it and so it just kind of grew haphazardly. Now I’m trying to force some organization from the top down and it’s taking a while to get it all figured out.

      i think you’re right, though. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing and trying to make them easier to find and hopefully they’ll get more views!

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