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    1. Hey Neil, thanks for getting the ball rolling here. I like that you’re coloring by hand instead of the Photoshopping we usually see.

      Keep doing it and stay in touch, bro!

  1. If I’m giggling at 3:20 a.m., it’s usually because I’ve been up too long. Howsomever, I slept from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., so I guess I’m giggling because you are funny!

    This is the best introduction I have ever seen. And I am really glad to meet you! If you get to know me, you’ll know that I hate signing up for email newsletters – so when I subscribe to yours, that ought to tell ya something.



    1. Hey Mitch, I’m glad you liked it. I’ve got more planned so thanks for signing up for the newsletter. I’ve got your link so we’ll definitely be communicating via your site, mine bloggerluv or wherever. peace!

  2. Hi John,

    Wow, what an amazing and original about you page. It really showcases your talent and make your website look different to the others I usually read. Thank Tristan for leading me to your website from this blog.


    Ben Wan

    1. Haha! Thanks Ben, I appreciate the kind words! I was just over at your site and I’ll definitely be stopping back to pick up some more WordPress tips!

    1. Hey John, I just stopped over at your site and left a comment. I like your artwork man, it totally fits the poetry! Thanks for introducing yourself here. Peace!

      1. (From one John to another John) Thanks John! Appreciate the comment. Dig your stuff too man. Subscribed. We should look at maybe doing one or two things together. The Two Jolly Johns. ;-)

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  4. Hi JG, nice to meet you Bruh. I’m no artist, I’m a marketer. But can certainly appreciate terrific stuff when I see it. You’re gonna take the web by storm.

    1. Benin, thanks much for taking the time and introducing yourself. We’re all gonna take this internet by storm. 2011 is the year! Let’s do this thing…

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  6. John, I am very late to the party but will be a regular. I’ll add to earlier comments, YES you have the best About page. Period. BTW hat tip to Prometheus6 (http://prometheus6.org) who highlighted your site the other day, which convinced me to drop by. As my old friend Luke Cage would say… Sweet Sister!

    1. Hey Prof! Thanks so much for taking the time to come on over here. I saw the trackback from Prometheus and I still have to go over and say thank you for that.

      Also, as Luke Cage would say…”Sweet Christmas!”

  7. Pulled up your site on a Google search for black superheroes and thoroughly enjoyed your 28 Days of Black Super Heroes and will be back for more now, I’ll also second the previous comments and say this really is one of the most inventive About pages I’ve ever seen! I’m a web guy and artist myself, if you get a chance check out my webcomic Stealth at http://stealthcomic.com.

      1. Thanks John, that’s cool, I didn’t realize someone had posted that trailer over there. Are you still having problems with Comicpress? I’ve got a fairly good handle on the system so I’d be glad to help you out with anything I can. I’m always open for collabs or crossovers or anything of that nature, feel free to shoot me an email anytime.

    1. Hi Amanda, thanks for introducing yourself! I’m glad you enjoyed it I had fun working it up. I hope to see you around the site!

    1. Hey Benny!

      Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I like the personal development them of your blog. It’s the kind of stuff I need when motivation gets low so I’m sure you’ll be seeing me over there!

  8. Hey there!

    I know everyone is saying it, but your “About” page is freakin’ awesome! I know we do very different kinds of work (I’m a virtual assistant specializing in transcription) but I had to check you out. Anyone who makes me laugh like this is okay in my book! If there’s ever anything I can help with, just let me know. I’m glad I found you on Brankica’s blog:)

  9. Hey John,
    I’m Susana aka Susie (only my mother calls me Susana..blah). The color and look of your blog really caught my eye. I was looking up comic book stores in the area and stumbled across your site. Great artwork! How long have you been doing comics?

  10. Hey John,
    Cool blog. I really like your drawings and the information you provide on this site. Do you have any particular inspirations when you sketch? My son is getting into comics and drawing/doodling anime characters.

    1. Hey Uri,

      yeah most of my stuff is comic related but I have the occasional Mad Men portrait thrown in there!

      Keep on nurturing your son’s creative side, it will pay off for him! :)

  11. Hey JG! Cool site! If ya ever come across a site that isn’t working, I’m your gal to see if it’s down or “just you”! I grew up on comics with my father and I love your artwork. I’ll be back! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica, I hope to see you around here. I’ve often needed the services of a site like yours, too :)

  12. Ah Supreme Overlord indeed yet you can’t handle a few mutant bitches? :)

    This is the best about me page I have ever seen. And to think that what brought me here was your Google PR story! It’s great when the first 2 pages one reads on a website creates such lasting good impression.

    I have a website where I share delicious recipes from my country and then I have this website: http://www.tpcreate.com where I share all the techy stuff I learnt while creating that first site.

    I love comics so you can count me as your regulars from now on. Maybe I will also pick up the skill along the way.

    1. Hey, Flo, mutant bitches are tough!

      Besides, as it turns out, being supreme overlord of this site doesn’t carry too many perks. Aw, shucks.

      There’s more comics stuff coming up so be on the lookout and thanks for commenting!

  13. Hi there I am an aspiring artist/writer as well as a carerer
    I came south to help out our mother. I love being inspired by professionals like JG.\

  14. The. Best. About. Page. EVER!

    I’m glad Stan introduced us in his (virtual) home. You seem like just the kind of dude I like to get to know.. Wait, not in that manner but, you know, a platonic man crush status, mayhaps?

    Funny story.. I wanted to do a web site that was more witty and creative. I wash thinking of using mixed media on my About page.. I think it really makes an impact and folks tend to remember visually-appealing stuff more than plain text, no matter how well-written.. Comic strips have been on my to-do list.. Then I see this and I’m all like, “Man, now I’ll be a biter if I do the same thing!”

    Oh well, you snooze you lose! Haha

    …Back to non-stream-of-consciousness ranting-and-raving stuffs…

    I am bookmarking this under, “Partners and Affiliates” because I think we can do some freedom fighting together. I don’t have super powers like the X-Men but that’s one of my favorite comics of all time. Hope that counts!

    AWESOME web site… I’ll stop rambling now. ;o)

    1. Yomar! Thanks a lot man I appreciate the kind words!

      Nah you won’t be a biter, just put your own creative spin on things! At some point we just have to make an idea our own, so I’d love to see what you come up with.

      Make sure to shoot me a line if you go for it, otherwise hit me up with any ideas you have. Peace!

  15. John, I’ve been blogging now for about 9 months… and here’s the thing, THIS WAS THE BEST ABOUT PAGE EVER!! The scene with the fight… Priceless! I found myself laughing out loud, literally! That’s hard to come by, I assure you. I think I’m going to equally enjoy your blog as well! :) Now to go take a spin through! Awesome blog man! :)

  16. I love this! It’s definitely one of the most creative ways to introduce yourself on a webpage that I’ve ever seen…makes me want to make an introductory comic for my blog as well!!! You’re very talented. And awesome for being part of the Uncanny Xmen! Haha.

  17. Hello John
    Very Funny .I just can’t stop giggling.Certainly the best introduction of any website I’VE EVER SEEN.Especially the scene about SUPREME OVERLORD is me favorite one..Now I would like to introduce myself.My name is Hamza .I am interested in SEO, Blogging, WordPress and Internet Marketing.Want to learn Joomla hope you have some interested articles explaining how it works.After all it’s the second most popular CMS after WordPress.Browsing your site.

    1. Thanks for introducing yourself Hamza! I do have some Joomla stuff but if you’re more for the blogging aspect you might do best to stick with WordPress my friend. Thanks for dropping in!

  18. I’m interested in learning WordPress the easy way and the festest as possible. What is the shortest time that I can expect to learn how to create a website in WordPress. Can anyone help me?

  19. This is a so unique and wonderful post and I like it. I glad to enter into your blog and thank you for inviting. I am interested in comics but am mot skillful at it, you could visit my site :D

    1. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate you considering me for some work. Make sure to hit me up via my contact form if/when that time comes. See you around!

  20. A friend told be about this blog, and if the rest of your work is as funny as this about section you might have a new follower! This is one of the most creative about pages I’ve come across haha I’m looking forward to browsing the rest of your site!

    1. Hi Tatyana! Thanks for the compliment and please thank your friend for mentioning me! I hope you enjoyed the site and hope to see you around :)

    1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for dropping in here. I sure wish I was working for marvel, but alas I am not (yet) lol. Thanks for introducing yourself!

    1. Hi Sam! Thanks much for the compliment. I try to respond to as many comments as possible, although a few slip through the cracks. If someone takes the time to leave a comment I’d like to reply to them. Thanks for reading!

  21. Ha ha you are really out for peace I can see it from the pictures above.You are really a great designer.I’d like to introduce myself my name is Kevin and I’m a blogger and researcher focused on technology .Keep it up !

  22. Hey John,
    This is Zeshan, a blogger, student and A honest freelancer. I’m studying Computer Science and want to be a Good Programmer. Blogging is my fond. And programming is my Goal.
    My blog is About Poetry, Urdu Poetry. It has PR2 and i don’t know, how it got it.
    Any ways.. This is an awesome Site… Along with you…:)

    Thank you

  23. I dont know why the hell I am just finding our about this site, but this is the best think on the internet that Ive come across since IDK when. Your site prevented my head from caving in as I tried to figure out wordpress, and gave me lots of laughs along the way. Thank you and all your contributing authors for this labor of love – its appreciated!

  24. Nice work JG! Glad I came across your site. I am looking into building an iphone game, so will be in touch for some potential graphic work.

  25. Excellent site. I greatly enjoy reading the posts that are on here. I am Nick btw and am semi new to blogging. I actually just figured out wordpress (well almost) and really enjoy it.

    1. Thanks Nick! I’m glad you enjoy the site, man. WordPress takes a lot fo the pain out of blogging although there are are a few stumbling block here or there. Thanks for commenting!

  26. Nice comic explanation! Wish all about pages were as entertaining (maybe I’d read more of them if they were). Have just come across your blog today and have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Look forward to reading more of them in the future.

  27. Nice comics i remember when the cartoons on tv used to look like this and it wasnt that long ago :-) takes me back in time a bit this blogg

  28. Great blog JG… Curious to know what kind of platform you’re using – really like the layout. I have a cartoon blog too – satire on the latest news (Wonkie) which is running on a customised version of ComicPress on WordPress :)

    1. Hey Wonkie, I’m using WordPress just like you, but I’m running on an old theme from Smashingmagzine.com called Magazeen.

      I like your cartoons, too. Are they hand drawn or are they strictly digital??

      Thanks for introducing yourself!

  29. Hahaha so nice!! I’m new here. That was an awesome introduction! I have to hire someone to do something like that for my next project!



  30. As a new blogger trying to build a personal brand i have been struggling to create an about Silas page because all i can come up with is I’m the founder of this site and many others, but that’s it. I have a lot of information to include but the fear is that they might not be deemed interesting and useful to my visitors. What does one do at times like these?

    1. Hi Silas,

      I think the thing to do is to tell people your story, whether or not it’s in comic form :)

      Check out what some of the top bloggers are doing and try to adapt it to fit your own brand.

      As long as people connect with YOU, then the rest will fall in line.

    1. Hey thanks for the compliment Marie. I checked out your site and that Catwoman tattoo is awesome!

      Thanks for dropping in here and I’ll see you ’round! :)

    1. Thanks William! welcome to the site, my friend -and just let me know if you have any questions or shoot me a link to your comic page when you get ‘er done! :)

    1. Hey Walter!

      Thanks a lot for introducing yourself and welcome to the world of making comics. I hope there’s something here that helps you out. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you around!

  31. My spouse and I stumbled over here from a different website and thought
    I might as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you.
    Look forward to checking out your web page for a second time.

  32. Thank you Mr. Garrett for your excellent tutorials!

    Being a novice to Adobe Illustrator and GitHub, I hope someone can help me out.
    I used the Adobe-Illustrator/Variable Importer/VariableImporter.jsx file once about two weeks ago and it worked great!
    I had to reinstall Adobe Illustrator today CC on Windows 10 and download the VariableImporter file on my computer.

    After many hours my objects are still not being recognized by the script. I’ve installed and uninstalled both Illustrator and the script. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Here are screen shots: https://github.com/Silly-V/Adobe-Illustrator/issues/4

    1. Hi Mateo. I see Vasily already answered you, but just in case anyone else has similar problems, check out the link and see his answer there. Let me or Vasily know if you still run into issues.

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