[COMIC] JG’s Vacation part 2!

Part 2 of JG’s unfortunate vacation…


If you missed the first part click here JG’s Vacation part 1. Then get back here for this week’s adventure!

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Well, as you can see, “panel creep” has occurred.

In last weeks notes section I whined about not being able to fit my stories into concise 3 panel sections. So what do I do this week? I go and blow it up to 6 panels.

Oh, well.

Also, I got a few emails about Old Man Winter. Those that missed the first appearance of Old Man Winter can check here: Hypertransitory: The Comic – Episode 2 – Winter.

This leads me to another point. I wonder if I should have “rotated in” the old comics I did previously to my Monday Comics initiative?

Maybe I should put a short-link into the comic itself so those who might be a little lost can catch up? Or maybe it’s not that important.

I got about 3 emails, and it seems to me if 3 people took the time to email there might be 30 people who were confused but just clicked away somewhere else to another site where the comics make sense.

Anyway, enough blather for this time. Hope you enjoyed this weeks episode, let me know what you thought in the comments!

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33 thoughts on “[COMIC] JG’s Vacation part 2!

  1. Yo, JG! It’s ME, Good Ol’ Chuck! I do residential and industrial plumbing.

    Sorry about the situation with your girl…it ain’t my fault that being a plumber makes me irresistible to the ladies :P

    Once a young tenderoni has had my “Plumber Luvin” she’s ruined for all other men!

    You’ll get the next one, buddy!

  2. It’s seems that your girl don’t like comics huh, don’t give up maybe someday she will read your comics. LOL

    1. Hi Eleonora, yes unfotunately the vacation has take a turn for the worse :(

      I’m going to have to come up with something else to impress the ladies. I guess I will take up plumbing lol

  3. No that golddigger didn’t kick your ass, man! You can do better…
    So, regarding references to older characters, you reminded me of an old technique:

    The balloon would have asterisk next to the name (or maybe just at the end of that character’s speech) . Then, at the bottom of the comic book page would be a yellow Johnson box with the text “*First appeared in SuperMan #55)

    Would that work for you?

    Seriously, I don’t think you should sweat the panels. The web is a new medium.



    1. I don’t know if a girl can really do better than Old Zeke, but I guess I’ll try lol

      And yes that’s exactly what I was thinking of with regards to the “previously seen” type of info! I used to love seeing those boxes, then I’d run out and get that comic.

      In this case the box would have a short-link in it to mitigate the pain of typing in the link…

      Maybe I’ll just let the panels flow until the story is told and not worry about it. I still don’t know how those guys do it every week, much less every day! lol

  4. I love reading comic about funny jokes and drama. Poor JG, it seems the girl doesn’t like comics?> Ae?

    1. Hi Joanna,

      thanks for commenting! Yes she seems to hold some deep seated drudge against comics and those who create them. story of my life lol…

  5. I really impress every time I visit your site you are very creative..I like looking your comic drawing..

  6. Hey John,

    So I’m no expert on panels and how you do this. All I know is that I believe you are very talented with not only drawing out the comics but what you share with us as well.

    I thought this one is oh so cute. Can’t believe you let her kick your butt. Man, you sure are talented.

    1. Thanks Adrienne, it’s a pleasure to have you here as always!

      Yeah she got that kick in unexpectedly. It was a sucker kick!! Man I shoulda blocked it like Jet Li… :)

  7. Hey JG,
    I’ve seen this thing kinda play out with friends in the past, where some girl is just completely not interested.
    That’s a funny comic, I really enjoy reading them, keep up the great work.
    Anything comics coming up for the holidays?

    1. Hey Ryan! Oh yes this is one of those things where so many people can probably relate.

      You know, I wasn’t thinking of doing a holiday themed comic but now I will consider it. Thanks much for commenting!

    1. Hi Olivia, well hopefully you won’t kick someone in the face if you did have that body lol. thanks for commenting!

    1. Hi Lizzy, it seems the very mention of comics incensed her to the point of violence! oh, well…I’m used to it :)

  8. HI JG,
    here i am again really enjoyed your comics post,,,lol the guy in green very funny act haha..and the girl in pink very sexy!

    THANKS JG>>>nice one again>>

    1. Hi Samantha thanks for commenting! I think girl in the pink was too sexy for me :(


      The guy in green

  9. Another great comic, regardless of the panel creep haha. Self-deprecating humor is always funny to me. Anyone who feels their job is super important should take a second and try to explain what they do out loud, they might change their minds lol

  10. I thought the six panel fit the story well. And most jobs sound lame when you say them out loud. Its about the fun time you have with the people when your there that makes the job worthwhile…and the money.

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I felt bad because I broke my deal with myself, but as long as it didn’t hurt the story I suppose it’s cool. Thanks for commenting!

  11. Great blog you have here JG,

    I’m a great humor fan and would surely come back here for these great comics. I got to know your website from ImJustSharing comment of yours. The comment was funny enough man :)

    Keep up the great work

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