Hypertransitory: The Comic – Episode 2 – Winter

Hypertransitory: The Comic – Episode 2 – Old Man Winter

I think I told you guys before how much I hated winter, so it should come as no surprise that I decided to draw up a comic about it. Read on and enjoy! Click images to view larger.

Hypertransitory the Comic episode 2: WINTER-Click image to view larger.

Hypertransitory the Comic episode 2: WINTER-Click image to view larger.

Well, that was an ordeal. Anyway please send me letters and food while I’m in prison. I guess you can’t just go around punching people, even Old Man Winter. Aw, shucks…

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21 thoughts on “Hypertransitory: The Comic – Episode 2 – Winter

    1. If winter isn’t so bad where you’re at it just made the short list of places for me to move to. thanks for the comment, John!

  1. Hahaha. That is AWESOME, John!! I’d like to thank you personally for pwning winter for me. That dude’s had it coming for a while now.

    “Big Bad Mama Nature”… Sweeeeeet.

    Post thoroughly enjoyed and retweeted.

    1. Tristan you’re very welcome! Dude was just a little too smug for me:)

      And thanks for the retweet, always glad to see you here on the blog!

  2. Those are some seriously cool artworks :)

    I love how you give us a back-of-the-comic-book coming attraction! Mama Nature looks like Hulk’s sister. Does she – ahem – riiiip out of that skimpy shift?



    1. Hey Mitch, thanks much for the compliment, I appreciate it.

      I try to keep everything PG-13 so we won’t see any of Mama Nature’s goodies, LOL. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I’m with you.

    Old man winter is for the birds. I live in Florida and he has been showing up here way too regularly.

    If you punch him in the nose, make sure it is a good solid shot. :)

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Hey Chris, a friend of mine is vacationing down there right now and she told me the temperature was about 50 degrees! Good for Wisconsin, but not so good for Florida lol

      I gave him my best shot, but it doesn’t look like anything changed. Curses!

  4. i moved to florida and thought i left old man winter behind untill this year, it cold here too, my girlfriends car would not start today because of the cold!

  5. Nice – but I think you were much too kind to OMW. Not sure what you’ll do with his lady…but I don’t hit girls…I’d run.

    Hard to be chivalrous when you’re being pummeled that way with tree-like knuck’s…just sayin’.

    And thankfully my tropical-blooded self didn’t relocate to northern Idaho, but even southern Idaho makes me want to double team the Winter family with ya. Big time.

    Snow? Keep it in the post cards. I miss the equator.

    Love your style of art, I was a huge fan of toons, comics and sci-fi, and nowhere near your talent with digital art, but definitely appreciate your creativity.

    1. James, I miss the equator and I’ve never even been there, lol. Thanks for the compliment on the art, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Looks like you’ve got a lot of good info over at your blog so I’ll definitely be stopping back over there to peruse. Happy New Year!

    1. Andy! Thanks for dropping in on my blog, man. I’m glad you got a kick out of it! Have a great weekend and happy new year!

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