10 things I hate about Winter in Wisconsin



Beware, there will be complaining and offensive language in the following rant, I mean, post. This is a long one, but bear with me…

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but it’s cold as HELL out there. When I say I hate winter, I don’t want you guys to think that I take that word lightly. When I say hate I MEAN hate.

Read on if you dare…

Now, some of you live in safe, decent areas of the country/world, but I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA -that’s right, the land of (half-frozen) DUMB-ASSES.

It’s awful. The worst part is that during the summer, it almost seems like this place it pretty nice. Moderate to downright hot weather, green grass, green trees, beaches, festivals, street parties -the whole nine yards.

Except that’s how it fools you. It lulls you, makes you think “hey this place isn’t so bad, I think I’ll stay and…WHAT THE $@!#!”

That last part is what happens when you get that first cold-snap. OooooWEEEEEEEEE! It ain’t pretty, folks.

Let me tell you the Wisconsin motto: “If you think it’s cold now…wait awhile.”

So with that said, allow me to unleash my 10 reasons why I hate winter in Wisconsin.


Dude, it is so freakin’ cold here. Now this next part might be an overhsare, but it’s a good thing I never wanted to have kids, because it’s so cold, I froze my NUTS off.

Not only that, but I have to write this standing up. I can’t sit down because I literally froze my ASS off the other day.

So to review: I have no nuts and no ass. Thanks, Wisconsin. Thanks alot.

I seriously cannot even imagine what homeless people go through. All it takes is a 10 second walk from my car to the door and I turn into a whining, complaining sniveling lil’ ol’ BYATCH.

I’m not ashamed of it. Hell you come out here and see how long you last. It’s rough out here, man.


Does this look like a fun time to you??

Seriously. The snow is at best a major inconvenience, at worst a possible death-sentence.

I hear all these songs like “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”. I’m the one off to the side like “dude! shhhhhh!! nature will HEAR you, man! STFU!!!”

It was well and good when I was a kid and all I had to do was take my sled an slide down the hill and then walk back up all day long. “WHEEEEEEEEEE! HAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!” Yeah it was all good.

Until I grew up.

Man, I have places to GO, dammit! Places to go and people to SEE. I’ve missed BOOTYCALLS because of snow, and I’m talking about the kind that CAN’T BE RESCHEDULED!! Curse you, Wisconsin!

  • BOOTYCALL: “Hey John, you should come over…”
  • JOHN (looks out window): “Yeah, girl…about that…it’s snowing. You come over here.”
  • BOOTYCALL: “No, you come over here.”
  • JOHN: “No, you come over here.”
  • BOOTYCALL: “No, you come over here…” etc, etc…

I ain’t going out there, man.

The snow messes up everything, it causes all kinds of damage to people’s houses, prevents travel, sometimes brings the whole city to a halt. And that’s when it’s not screwing up traffic and causing accidents and getting people stuck in ditches.

Ugh. The cold itself could possibly be dealt with if it didn’t double-team you and body-blow you with the snow! Together it’s a one-two punch that you really can’t beat. The only good thing about snow is that is usually doesn’t snow when it’s bone-chillingly cold.


Between the cold and the snow, it sure adds up to a lot of wasted time.

Warm it up…

So I gotta get up in the morning, it’s already cold as HELL, then I have to go outside and start my car (hopefully) and let it warm up. So I go back inside and have breakfast while it’s warming up.

Oh yeah, this means I have to get up extra early so as not to be late for work. This shit comes outta my precious sleep time. Wait, add even more extra time if it’s snowing.

So when I get up and see my car covered in two feet of snow that I now have to take another 20 minutes to clear off while the wind blows it back in my face I’m disgusted by all the life choices that led me here.

All that time wasted that I’ll NEVER get back, man. Wow. It adds UP. Think about it.

How long do you think it will take to clear this off?

Slow going…

Think about how I have to drive at 35 mph on the freeway when I should be driving at 55 (or more). That’s my time wasted. When stores close down and I actually need something? Wasted time.

I’m not going to actually try to calculate the true amount of wasted time because it would only depress me (more).


Going hand in hand with the wasted time. Not quite as valuable but still pretty significant.

Burning holes in my pocket…

Go back to my warming up the car situation. That’s me burning gas that I normally wouldn’t have to if the temperature weren’t 50 gazillion below zero! Sheesh!

Look at our heating plans and electric bills. WHOA. What it costs to heat yourself and your house for the winter is ridiculous!

I know some people will say it costs a lot to pay for air conditioning in the summer or year-round in some places, but the heat situation in Wisconsin is much different. You can cut off your air for awhile. Yeah you’ll be uncomfortable but you’ll save money and you’ll survive.

If you cut your heat off not only will your pipes freeze up and burst (costing you thousands), but you WILL die (possibly saving you thousands, I guess).

I’ve told people before that I wanted to move to California. Almost universally, their response was “The cost of living is too high out there.”

Is it? Is it, really? I don’t think so.

The True Cost of Living…

In Cali people just come out of their houses and get in their cars and drive away. They don’t have to waste their time/gas/money warming up their vehicles and wiping snow off of it, or the other car maintenance like the more-than frequent-car-washes with underbody flush to get all the salt off of it. They don’t have to waste time snowblowing or shoveling or crawling down the freeway in snowblind blizzard weather.

Do you know how much snowblowers cost?? Well, do you?? Well, now you do!

To put it in economically precise terms, they cost a GRIP!! I love turning over half my paycheck for a snowblower that I’ll only use a dozen times (but that will be desperately needed for all those times). Also, I know there’s some $300 pissant snow blowers in that list but trust me, you don’t want some little BITCH-ASS punk-ass snowblower when it’s time to clear your driveway off. You have to pony up. While I’m doing that they’re just kicking it and chillin’ in Cali…

Yeah I know they have traffic jams but they have those everywhere, it’s nothing special. I’d rather deal with that than this winter nonsense.

Especially since I now refuse to go to work if it looks too bad. It broke me. Winter broke me, y’all. I’ve been traumatized too many times. I used to just brave that shit and go anyway, but now I err on the side of caution and stay home. The only problem is, I only have so many sick days, then I have to use my vacation days, or just eat that day. Your check starts looking pretty lean if you take too many days off.

When you actually have to balance your life vs. your paycheck, it might be time to move.

Oh wait, let’s not forget about the businesses that are forced to close because of too much snow. Or how much money they have to spend on snow removal each year. WASTED money. I know, the snow removal business is making money, but screw them, they’re making money off our pain, people!


I’ve had so many white-knuckle drives home from work in blizzard white-out conditions it’s ridiculous.

Death by Auto…

Still alive...for now...

I’m tired of almost dying 100 times over every winter from auto-related incidents. Even a routine drive to/from work turns into an exercise in fear.

It’s not just you, either. You have to worry about the nimrods out on the road who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

There’s a certain subset of people who are convinced that having 4-wheel drive makes you invincible and immortal. Here’s a hint: Having 4-wheel drive does NOT mean you can just drive any old way you want! You STILL have to be careful and act like you have some sense.

Check the accident reports and it will usually be some idiot who thinks that 4-wheel drive means he’ll never slip on the ice. 4-wheel drive doesn’t help you with ICE, it helps you gain traction when you’re STUCK. You brake about the same as anyone else.

Death by exposure…

But let’s forget about the immediate death by auto. I’ve been in situations where my car has broken down in the middle of nowhere and you either have to wait for AAA or a friend or you may just have to start walking. In Wisconsin, this can be a death sentence.

People have literally died from underestimating the cold and thinking they could make it home by walking. You can freeze to death before someone can get to you if you’re in the wrong area.

In Texas, if your car breaks down somewhere out of the way, it’s a minor inconvenience (maybe even a major one), but it doesn’t become a fight for life itself.

Don’t exert yourself, kid…

Oh yeah, what about death by shoveling? Yeah that’s right, people actually die from over-exerting themselves shoveling their driveways and walks. They always warn people on the news not to do it all at once.

But the snow has to be shoveled at some point, and you may not have anyone else to do it, so you’d better keep in shape otherwise the next driveway you shovel could be your last.

6. Speaking of Death…

Everything dies in the winter. Well, almost everything. Most trees, grass, other plants, animals, my spirit. It all dies. Generally speaking, DEATH is not a good thing.

It kind of SUCKS. It sucks big-time DONKEY DICK, and I’m sick of it. Hey winter, STOP. KILLING. THINGS!


I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this, but winter is really dark…and depressing.

These aren’t traits that are generally looked upon with much favor from normal human beings. Maybe vampires. Vampires love winter. It’s dark and cold, they like the dark and they’re cold anyway. It’s a win win situation.

For the rest of us though, it’s a real downer.

In the dark…

So I get up in the morning to go to work. It’s dark. When I walk out the door in the evening to come home, it’s dark.

Precious daylight hours are so short and they’re gone so quickly. That is if it’s not just one of those ugly gray overcast winter days. Either way, most working people don’t get to enjoy the sunlight and pretty much exist in darkness and artificial lighting.

My current office isn’t so bad, I have two windows, but my last “cubicle” was awful. I had no window and no way to see what was going on outside. Some days I’d be in there all day and I’d walk outside into a blizzard.

Dead World…

Everything you see is dead. If you can see any grass at all, it’s dead. The trees are dead, usually smothered with snow. Your car is covered with snow. The streets are filled with brown, dirty, disgusting slushy snow. The yards are filled with disgusting brown and yellow snow.

There’s a reason dead trees are used as backdrops for horror films -because it’s ugly and scary to look at and a dead forest exudes a sense of foreboding. We see our own mortality in it. It’s not a good look!

8. People who LIKE winter?!

That’s why I hate these people that profess to like, even LOVE winter? I mean, if they were obviously brain-damaged I could cut them some slack, but maybe some of them are just high-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokels?

Cletus the slack jawed yokel
Damned deluded fool...

The crappy four seasons…

You hear them all the time: “I could never move to the west coast, I need to experience the SEASONS. How could I live without all four SEASONS?”

Fuck the seasons! They aren’t worth it. Let me run down our wonderful seasons:

Spring: Wet and disgusting, all the crap that was buried under the snow in winter is now revealed. Namely dead bodies and dirty socks (for some reason)

Summer: Hot and disgusting. For some reason people like to display their oogly, disgusting, hairy, nasty, hideously monstrous, deformed, pox-ridden bodies for all the world to see. Wisconsin is not known for its attractive population.

Hey, I’m no supermodel, but that’s why I keep my oogly, disgusting, hairy, nasty, hideously monstrous, deformed, pox-ridden body covered up.

It’s not about modesty, it’s about caring enough about your fellow man that you’d like to spare his eyeballs from melting if he happens to glance at your beastliness without preparing himself first. Geez, some people…

Fall: Now this is the best season. You have some decent temperatures, some decent colors of the trees and such. Everything is dried up and people are covered up. NICE. The only thing bad is that it leads into WINTER.

Winter: Hmmm…what to say about winter…

Slack-jawed yokels are everywhere…

So yeah, some idiot is always running off at the mouth. What’s with these FOOLS?? There’s always one around, no doubt. They make dealing with an already bad situation infinitely worse.

  • SANE PEOPLE: “I hope we don’t get any snow soon.”
  • High-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokel: “But I love the snow. It’s so beautiful! I love the snowflakes, they sparkle! I want to have a white Christmas! Blah blah blaaaaaah!”
  • SANE PEOPLE (thinking to themselves): “This must be some kind of high-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokel.”

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but the fucking snow causes HUGE problems for people! It costs a lot of time and money to deal with this crap, and it’s NOT fun and it’s NOT pretty.

When one of these high-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokels is waxing poetic about the beauty of the falling snow, I’m looking at the same snow-fall and thinking “I truly hope there are no accidents on the freeway tonight and everyone is able to make it home safely.”

  • High-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokel: “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! SNOOOWWWW!!”
  • Me: “Aaargh.”

My own personal slack-jawed yokel…

Hey, here’s a funny story: I know one of these high-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokels personally. He’s always going on and on about how much he LOVES, not likes, but LOVES winter. Loves the cold, the damp, loves the snow, all the hardship it brings. Just great, right?

Well, one January his truck (yeah this is one of those 4-wheel drive guys) was in the shop. The shop was about 9-10 blocks away from his place. He calls me up and asks for a ride down to the shop.


Waitaminnit. Don’t you LOVE the winter? Not like, LOVE. I told him isn’t this his time to truly get out in his element and enjoy the weather? Enjoy the -4 temperature and -12 windchill factor? This is perfect for you! I wouldn’t want to deny you this chance to experience your favorite season up close and personal.

In fact, why the hell do these people even go indoors? Since it’s so beautiful and wonderful, just stay outside all day and night and enjoy it. They may indeed be high-functioning mentally retarded slack-jawed yokels, but they ain’t THAT dumb, trust me.

So this guy responds that it’s “too cold” to walk 10 blocks. Wow, really? You just blew my mind, man. So I drove over there and gave him a ride, but to this day I still give him shit about it whenever he starts spewing that ridiculous nonsense about how great winter is.

9. Extra clothes and cleaning

More cushion…

I’m not one of those guys who likes to be naked all the time or anything, but I really don’t care for wearing 55 layers of clothing just so I can survive the walk from my front door to my car.

Then I’m so padded up I can barely fit into my car. You end up walking around with stiffened joints moving like one of those 1950’s robots. The entire population of Wisconsin walks like this during the winter. Again, it’s not a good look, we look like a bunch of tools. How embarrassing.

Take it to the bank…

Another thing, I hate that in order to stay warm, I have to dress up in clothes that make me look like I’m gonna rob a bank. As a matter of fact, one day I was actually going to my bank, and as it turns out I was walking in at the same time as some bank robbers.

I was dressed just like them so they thought I was one of their own:

  • BANK ROBBER: “Dude, what happened to your gun?”
  • ME: “Huh? You talking to me?”
  • BANK ROBBER: “Yeah, your gun! Dammit we went over this. Shit, use mine and take your spot!”
  • ME: “Oh! Actually I’m not…Oh, what the hell…EVERYBODY ON THE GROUND, DAMMIT!!”

So essentially being in Wisconsin in winter can lead to some extremely bad (although lucrative) situations.

Clean up, man…

Even worse, when I got back from the Bank robbery, I tracked in dirty snow all over the floors and carpets. Yeah you should take those off but sometimes your mind is on something else and you just go on inside the house.

Now you gotta clean, man! Curse you, winter! As if the constant hovering of the Angel of Death wasn’t bad enough, now I gotta CLEAN? This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Between the dirty, car-exhaust packed snow and the salt, you’ve got quite a mess to deal with when you track it into your house. It’s just nasty and I can’t stand it.

You can imagine how dirty the floor of you car gets during the winter. There’s not much use cleaning it since you’ll just be getting your dirty-snow packed feet back in there the next day. When spring comes you’ll have a nice car cleaning bill to look forward to. Wonderful.

10. COLD

I think I mentioned this before, but it’s time to double-dip -the COLD is the most horrible thing about winter. It will KILL you. It deserves a second mention out of respect. I’ve lived in Wisconsin for almost all my life and I still can’t deal with the cold. I know I act like a lil’ ol’ BIZNITCH when it’s cold out, but I own up to it. I can’t deal with it, and I don’t want to deal with it anymore.

With that said, who’s gonna fix this problem? By “this problem” I mean WINTER. It’s been going on for too long.

Scientists have failed us again…

What are these scientists doing these days? Large Hadron Collider??

I don’t give a CRAP about BOSON particles or finding out the true nature of the universe. I’ve already discovered the true nature of Wisconsin, it sucks ASS, and it’s cold as HELL! Fix it!

You’ve got these guys measuring cow farts and trying to stop global warming? What are you nuts? Hell naw, we gotta warm this piece up. All the way up. Get those cows farting, let stop with all this emissions testing and get this thing warming up!

The continued survival of the species is not what’s important here. What’s important is my personal comfort, right NOW at this particular point in time.

I want our descendants to be living in a ravaged, climate devastated world, scrabbling for insects and living in the only caves that are still above water, a world where every day is a struggle to simply survive, but they don’t care because they know that 600 years ago I WAS COMFORTABLE. It’ll all be worth it, I promise.

Goodbye Wisconsin

Finally. To seriously wrap this up. I’m outta here. No really, Wisconsin, you have me for one more winter, and that’s IT.

People say this all the time, and I say it every year, but enough is enough. I’ve had it, I just can’t take it anymore.

I just did a lot of complaining but I plan to back it up with action. This coming year is gonna be about working hard and getting myself the hell OUT of Wisconsin before the next winter hits. This place blows and frankly it’s just not good enough for me.

I really admire people who take action to change the parts of their life that they don’t like, and my goal is to become one of those people. It can be done, folks, and it will be done, because winter in Wisconsin (hell, winter anywhere) is a bunch of bullsh*t and I’m completely through with it.

Thanks for sticking with me for this one, and for those of you who experience winter please let me know your coping mechanisms or share your experiences. Peace, and stay warm!

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42 thoughts on “10 things I hate about Winter in Wisconsin

  1. Hahaha I can see you got tired from Wisconsin!
    And I can feel what you feel right now, not that long ago I was living in Korea and when snowed it was like a lost day, pretty much everything was paralyzed because of the excessive amount of snow.
    Where are you planning to move? LA is great.

    1. Hey Fernando! Yes I’m definitely looking at L.A. I gotta get my money right though and make sure I have a plan in motion.

      The situation you describe in Korea is exactly what happens here, and it sucks.

      This time next year I won’t be around here, no doubt. Thanks for dropping in!

    1. Yeah you’re right. I should probably come up with a different name. I’m a big fan of “The Walking Dead” comic/tv show so maybe something with “zombie” in the name…

  2. John, I know one thing. Bootycalls are going to come up short if your assets are frozen. I’m just sayin’.

    I never complained about the winter because, frankly, how would I sound from Philadelphia, screaming about 5 inches of snow twice a winter? Granted, it has gotten worse, much worse, since the 90’s. So I took action, moved to Central Virginia and laughed when people complained about 2 inches of snow, once per winter.

    I don’t laugh anymore, bro’. I have a son in college. He goes to Indiana State University. We had a harrowing adventure in West Virginia during the blizzard of 2009. (I don’t usually do this, but I linked to the story where my website link normally goes.)

    I don’t like winter. I don’t hate it as much as you do – you should get a Pulitzer for meteorological reporting or sumthin’.

    Fortunately, I get to hibernate – I work from home. Sure, we run out of milk, but we manage.

    Apropros of nothing, I fondly recall reading about a contest for the Wisconsin automobile license motto. (This was over 20 years ago.) The entry that *I* think should have won was:

    Come and Freeze in the Land of Cheese



    1. Mitch I just checked out your story. Holy moley, you went through some stuff on that one!

      I’m glad everything turned out ok. Now I’m REALLY glad I punched out Old Man Winter :)

  3. You’re killing me with this post! And of course Mitch sent me here to determine which of us has it worse. For the record, I live in Syracuse now, but I lived in Limestone, ME before here. Dad said we were moving to a warmer place; yeah, right.

    Actually, it is warmer; I used to stand out at the bus stop for school in 25 below weather; they only closed school if the temperature got to -30. Well, except for the blizzards. But other than that, we’re the king of snow. I feel you; trust me on this one. But when we had those 54 inches because of 98 straight hours of snow, we just dealt with it. Roads were clear the next day; we’re hearty that way. About 30 minutes north of here they had 100 inches in the same time period; those are the folks we call “fools”. lol

    I’m feeling your rant, but I’m still staying here. I hate bugs, and I love our summers, for the few days we have summer. lol

    1. Hey Mitch, it sounds like you know what I’m talking about!

      No doubt, I don’t like bugs either, that’s why I’d have to go for the southwest. I don’t want to be down in the humid south hurricane alley area.

      1. I hear you on that one. I’ve been many places throughout this country, and I have to say that if snow is my major issue, then I’m in the right place. No fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, mudslides, etc to deal with. Cold… yeah, well, at least when it gets to the 50’s we see it as a heat wave. lol

  4. John, I had to laugh. Thanks for punching out Old Man Winter! I was so thankful to have found that rest stop when we did that I never once blamed the weather for our adventure. It did put a stake through the heart of our aging mini-van, though. That sucker is wheezing on its last piston. (They still use those, right?)

    I have absolutely enjoyed gaining the perspectives you and Mitch the Elder have shared. I had an uncle who lived in Buffalo, NY, but he never told me any good stories.



  5. Thanks for using the “luv” plugins. They are fabulous. Good looking blog. Did you design the site by yourself?

    1. Hey Joseph, yes indeed I designed the site with a little help from the Smashing Magazine “Magazeen” theme. Thanks for commenting!

  6. I love winter, but i hate the dryness and cracked fingertips! OW!

    The forest, draped in snow at night in the dead of winter lit by a full moon is probably the most peaceful and beautiful thing I have ever seen.

    1. Hey Seph, yes that’s one of the many issues I have with winter. I don’t really care for any scene lit by the full moon though. You know…because of the werewolves…

  7. I do admit that sometimes I cause some chaos. Overall, I think I’m awesome and I think I outdid myself this year. Yeah me!

    1. Well, well, well! Look who it is. You just had to come back and gloat, eh?

      But you’re right, you did do a bang-up job this year. I was truly inconvenienced and very cold. that’s what winter is all about :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. I love the idea of winter, but I hate the actual execution- and for many of the same reasons that you do. If it would be warm and the snow stay on the grass so it looks pretty for Christmas, I’m all in. However, that’s not the case and exactly why I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. The cost of living may be more expensive, but the money saved in energy usage and warm clothing compares equally.

    1. I agree completely, Mag! Yeah you spend more money up front, but I think you save more from not dealing with auto-repair and not wasting your life clearing snow, ice and frost off your car every morning (or every time you come out of a building).

      Good for you for making that move! I’m right behind you :)

  9. So, I’m a skiier and I love the snow. But I agree with you on one thing. People get depressed and down all the time during winter. I HATE that about it.

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for commenting!

      Yes those dark cold mornings will do it every time. That’s why I make sure to have that hot chocolate going in every morning when I wake up just to have something positive to look forward to.

    1. Thanks Amanda, so you’re another WI to CALI transplant. As I said to Mag above, watch out because I’m right behind you making that move! :)

  10. Hey JG- You won’t be disappointed by the sun :) Maybe the traffic and pollution and an over population, but you won’t see snow! haha. Actually, I take that back, we did experience hail about a month ago. Who would have known! So when’s your plan on the move?

    1. I’ll be out there as soon as one of you guys has a room open for me.

      Anyone? Hello??

      Aw, shucks :(

  11. I hear ya, what is it about being a kid though we must have built in antifreeze because I remember winters being so much colder than they are now (I’m in MN and -25 without windchill used to be the norm) and we played outside all day long with a few hot chocolate refills every once in a while.

    One thing good about having one’s computer chair as a permanent fixture to one’s backside is that I don’t make it outside as much in the winter. I like Mitch’s “Sure, we run out of milk, but we manage” who needs groceries anyway eh? :)

    1. Yeah Chris, now that you mention it, I used to run around out there in the snow and cold and just kick it tough! laughing whenever some snow got inside my clothes and getting pissed when I had to come inside.

      Now I sniffle and cry when I have to drag my sorry butt out of the house in the cold dark morning to go off to a job. oh how the times change!

  12. Sure! You just have to clean and cook ;) However, I will tell you that because there are so many people coming in and out of LA because of the entertainment industry, that there are ALWAYS rooms or apartments available for sublet. Keep Craigslist on your bookmark when you plan on the move. Good luck! :)

    1. Actually my brother does live out there, so I would *hopefully* crash there for awhile and mooch while I got my act together.

      I just don’t want you guys to find me in some crazy seedy movie because I’m fresh off the bus with no way to make rent!

  13. It sounds to me like you need to move to Arizona, California, or Florida. There you will be surrounded by warmth and won’t have to cry yourself to sleep on a regular basis :) lol jk

    1. You’re right Traci, although I may pass on Florida…too much tornado action down there, lol!

      Speaking of crying myself to sleep, be on the lookout for my new blog post “10 things I hate about stifling summer heat in Wisconsin!”

      I know, I’m never happy! :)

    1. You ain’t lying Jed! Winter is truly the worst of all seasons. I say we call it off for this year!

  14. Nice blog. The commentluv plugin has been kind to me. Our company is a fair trade company. These plugins have provided a way for for me to help our company grow. Thanks so much giving an outlet for me to share. Cheers!

  15. I acknowledge in which winter is definitely a dismal, chilly, and also miserable time of the year. This experienced such as mine survived for around five weeks this year, it was awful!

  16. I absolutely agree with you here John, winter is such a terrible one I hate cold, as I see the pictures it is hilarious and death defying!

    1. hi Becky, that’s what you’ve gotta do out here in this weather. I think you only get caught unawares once, after that you’re like a boy scout!

      Man, I have blankets, emergency chargers, food, water, lighters, some of those athletic hand warmers, the whole works lol!

      winter ain’t beating me. thanks for commenting!

  17. all i have to say is i hate winters …. i just hate it ….!!!!! it just stops me from functioning !!!!!!

    1. you and me both, I wish I could hibernate through it and let someone else deal with it. Serves me right for not moving away when I had the chance lol

  18. Wow! Finally someone out there that thinks like me! I live in Hayward WI. and I have to agree with every damn word! I have lived here my whole damn life (40 years). I work in the excavation trade and have spent many of 20 bellow days breaking frost, fighting the cold, breaking bones tering muscles and loosing money. I HATE it here but I seem to be trapped! I to want out! There is not a single bone, joint, tendon or muscle that is not in constant pain! Then you have to hear shit like ” awww quit whining it’s not that bad or quit being a pussy. We F**k them! These are the people that olny have to be in the cold long enough to go from their house to their car (That most likley has already been started by their remote starter) then from there car to there nice 70 deg. office. To top it all off they have never really worked a day in their lives! I mean they go in at 9am push a pencil or some shit like that and come home at 5. Untill these assholes have spent 25 years working to a full balls out sweat every damn day all day long regardless of the weather for 10, 12 or even 14 hours a day (Yes even when its 20 bellow out) 5,6 and sometimes 7 days a week for 25-30g a year just to feed their familys. I have to say F**********KKKKK YOU! In case you are wondering…I have a masters! This is just what this fricking hillbilly, backwoods, pissant, piece of shit hole in America called Hayward is like!

  19. I live in Hong kong and we have four seasons here too. Our winter is not as cold as yours, but i also hate it with a passion, especially most of us don’t have central heating system in our flats. which means, we’ feel cold 24/7. and it sucks.

    I thought winter is ok for you guys as long as you stay indoors!

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