[COMIC] The Pulse Pounding Adventures of JG’s Vacation!

This week’s comic update features the senses shattering action of…JG on vacation!


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Boy this one was hard.

Here’s some behind the scenes knowledge – I set out to make this comic only 3 panels long…I just couldn’t do it.

If you’ve seen some of the comics of previous weeks, you would have noticed that they were getting very long. This is mostly because I didn’t want to make those hard choices that an editor would make for me.

I can get away with this, because on the web I don’t really have space limitations like I would in a printed book. Still, I decided to try to tighten up the storytelling and really see if I could fit a story into just 3 panels.

Man, it’s much harder than it looks. How the heck do people like Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) do it???


Or creators like Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes fame?

Sometimes they would slip a 4th panel in there, and on Sundays they would bust out an 8-9 panel comic -but to pack in a funny, coherent story within 3-4 panels every day? Serious skills.

Well, I’m going to keep on with the exercise for a couple of weeks at least, but I suspect we’ll be seeing some longer comics after that.

Oh yeah, the Monday Comics Slideshow is now available! It doesn’t work exactly how I want it to, but I think it will do for those who want to just cycle through the comics without bothering with the blog post format.

I’ll see you back here next week for part 2 of JG’s Vacation!

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49 thoughts on “[COMIC] The Pulse Pounding Adventures of JG’s Vacation!

    1. Hi Annie!

      No I’m NEVER happy to see Old Man Winter! lol…

      Yeah I need to really work hard on economizing my storytelling. Some of this stuff I’d like to bring to print one day so I’d like to eventually settle on a standard size that will work for both mediums.

      Thanks for dropping in!

  1. John,

    This hilarious comic is right on time. I need a vacation, too. Know any good spots?
    Hey, is that “sipping purple drank” equivalent to proclaiming, “that Leona Lewis can sang!” LOL

    Don’t let those borderline bozos kick sand in your face. Go all Hulk on them and show them that chair-squishing, burger-chomping, Bloorgh yelling Mr. Hyde. They’ll get the message and back up offa you.



    1. Mitch it’s definitely time for [another] vacation! lol.

      I’ll tell you where there aren’t any good spots…WISCONSIN!

      Re: Purple drank, i hear a lot of the kids these days screaming about purple drank. I hope it doesn’t mean something other than what it seems..no, it couldn’t be lol

      Next week I’ll definitely have to show these guys who’s boss!

  2. This comic is such a great post! You had a great idea to do this..You are very creative..I am looking forward to learn how to do this..

  3. Hi Mitch!

    I know it is really very tough to fit it in a comics in three panels. It is a challenge to convey the message with less number of words. You have done it wonderfully. I always fight with my boss for a raise. I hope I win this time :-).

    1. Hey Leo, I’ll assume you were talking to me lol!

      thanks for the compliment, and I hope you can get that raise, too!

  4. Hi!

    I am eager to know what happens next in the JG’s vacation. I hope all the fun does not spoiled. Actually, I also need a break and hope to go on a vacation next year :-1. Mitch, on web everyone likes to read short and simple stuff. You have done great with this three panel comics.

    1. Yeah Mitch, you did a great job on this…waitaminnit…I did this comic! lol!

      Mitch you’ll have to show me this neat little trick of yours :)

      too funny!

  5. I like so much comics, but I am not good as you! You are so professional, LOL. Congrats!This is the first time I saw this blog and I am really impressed:)

  6. I love the comic JG! And are you good friends with Mitch? If that’s the case, even if not, you should do a comic where MItch will be the one writing the dialogue! That would be really great! Or let Mitch do the comic (since “he” was the one who did this one) and you write! Hahaha! Can’t wait next week!

    1. Hey Sandra, thanks for the compliment! Yes Mitch is my good buddy, so if anyone else beside me it gonna get the credit for this thing I don’t mind if it’s him, lol

      Stick around the fun continues this coming Monday!

  7. Great post! you had a very creative idea to do this artwork. I enjoyed reading it and job well done. I’m looking forward on your next post.

  8. I really want to know what will happen next in the JG’s vacation. I hope all the happenings will not spoil. I think I need a break and wish to go on a vacation next year.

  9. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the 4-panel comic; is there some standard in the industry saying you have to go to only 3? Actually no, since one of my favorite comics vacillates between 2 & 4 panels all the time (I hope this doesn’t go into spam): http://www.gocomics.com/9chickweedlane/2011/11/12

    So just go and do your thing. Course, me being me, I’m wondering if your girl has a weave or if that’s her natural hair. lol

    1. Hey there Mitch! Nah there’s no real standard, I was only trying to set a goal for myself..and failing lol.

      and LOL a couple of other people asked me if that was a weave! I figure I already got kicked in the face so I ain’t asking her! :)

  10. Haha, I make winters and stuff? Well…um, nice try? I can see how condensing a strip into 3 or 4 panels would be hard- I guess you could try writing jokes? Like one-liner type things and try to turn that into comic form? If that makes sense…makes sense in my head. Lol.

  11. Haha love the comic. You just can’t escape from the crap no matter where you go huh? And I never really considered how hard it is to squeeze a cohesive story into 3 or 4 frames. (PS I also absolutely love Calvin & Hobbes!!)

    1. No my trials and tribulations apparently will follow me to the ends of the Earth!

      Oh, the indignity of being JG…

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