Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 02

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 02

Episode 2 – continuing last weeks’ Titan’s Divinity comic. Sci-fi action inside!


The ONE Titan

Well, we’ve met a new Titan in this episode. From what we can see right now, he appears to be running this show.

Another thing we can see is that the Titans are intent on killing someone else, too. Sheesh!

To be honest, I haven’t decided on this character’s name yet, but I did mention his title in last week’s “Titan Law” section. Make sure to jump back over and check that out if you missed it.

Anyway, this is The One Titan. For the longest time, I’ve been referring to him in my head (and in my writing) as Titan Prime. Except, it seemed too much like Optimus Prime, so I decided I had to come up with something else.

As I mentioned last week, this is going to be a novel, and it’s not done yet, so some of this stuff could still change.

These comics are kind of a side project while I keep working on the book, so if anything in here becomes a contradiction, the book will be considered canon.

The One Titan – 3D Action

Here’s some works-in-progress renders of The One as I was tuning up his look.

I have well over 60 renders of this guy’s face alone. You can imagine I got tired of looking at it after a short while, but I had to keep plugging away until it looked the way I wanted.

That’s the great thing about 3D – even though it takes a ton of work upfront to get to where you want, once you nail it, then you can use that model over and over, knowing all the set-up work is done.

The Wrap Up

Alright guys that’s another one down, stay tuned until next week when the story continues!

As usual, if you have any thoughts or comments on this just let me know, I’d love to hear it. Also, if you think someone else might like it then please share using the embed code at the top, or any of the social links below. You know I appreciate it!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time!

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4 thoughts on “Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 02

  1. Holy crap! Sheesh is right. Talk about the sins of the father – only it’s worse than that.
    Are you going to put this on Kindle or, graphic novel via dead trees?

    Either way, I’m getting a copy!



    1. Actually thinking ahead to print is a part of the reason I went with the whole “4 panel” format. I figured it would be easier to format those into a treasury-type edition than the usual long pieces I’ve done before.

      Of course, I gotta put in some time on this thing to get to that point lol. Hopefully the Titans don’t kill off everyone before I get there :)

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