Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 01

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 01


So what the heck is this? Well, this is a sci-fi story I’ve had kicking around in my head for years. I finally decided to just do this thing.

The Titans are a force of peacekeepers, essentially. I guess a close equivalent would be DC Comics’ Green Lantern Corps, although they Titans are not quite as friendly as the GL’s. They’re very, very far away from Earth, with essentially no hope of ever getting back there, so they have to make do where they are.

Oh, and actually Titans|Divinity is a novel, not a comic.

Everyone knows I’m into comics, but they likely don’t know I’m into sci-fi. I mean, I love this stuff. I love the crazy ideas, the wild imaginings some of the creators have come up with over the years.

It doesn’t have to be based on real physics, I’m cool with miracle technology as well, bring it on.

For those of you who like a little sci-fi but don’t do more than dip a toe in, try out one of these Year’s Best Science Fiction Short Story Collections (aff. link). This is a bunch of truly excellent stories by some of the greatest sci-fi authors out there today. I guarantee at least one story will blow your mind.

But anyway, back to me…Titans|Divinity is something I plan to throw my all into. I’ve been working on a ton of 3D art, trying to up my game to make the kind of images that will really do these characters justice.

Along the way, I was trying new techniques and I thought to myself “I could actually make a comic out of these guys”. And so the circle was complete. I never meant for this to be a comic, but here it is. These short episodes will be companion pieces to the upcoming novel, where the main story will play out. By then, anyone who sticks around will already know a few things about the characters and their world.


There haven’t been any sequential comics on here for awhile, and I’m looking forward to providing something weekly. But here’s the thing…they gotta be 4 panels or less.

In the past the comics I’ve shown here on the site have been fairly long and involved. Much of this has to do with the fact that I don’t have any editor or restrictions, so I usually just keep drawing until the story is done, no matter how long it takes.

Now, I’m trying to tell this story 4 panels at a time. I’m not sure I can do this in a way that makes sense to everyone, but we’ll see.


The character introduced in this comic is named Dux. He’s something of a no-nonsense type, but many of the Titans will be that way, especially when dealing with non-humans.

Here’s a few shots of Dux in my 3D programs and also a couple I made up just for fun:

You can see that I use the very same models to create the comic and also to make the more realistic looking images. It’s mostly a matter of how I render them.

The Wrap Up

Ok, I’m going to try to keep these short and sweet. If you have any thoughts on this first comic or anything else just let me know, I’d love to hear it. And if you think someone else might like it then please share, I’d definitely appreciate it. You can either use the embed code at the top, or any of the social links below.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys next time!

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    1. Thanks Mitch, I was wondering who that one person was :)

      now let’s see if I can stick to my 4 panel restriction. The next two are already done, so maybe this won’t be so hard…(famous last words)…

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