Monday Comics – The WRATH of Old Man Winter

Hypertransitory Monday Comics, episode 23 – The WRATH of Old Man Winter! We thought he was gone for good, but we were WRONG.

The WRATH of Old Man Winter!

We thought he was gone, but we were WRONG. Wrong, I say! He’s back, and this time it’s personal. If you missed the first appearance of Old Man Winter check it out here: Hypertransitory: The Comic – Episode 2 – Winter, then get back here to read about his return!

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Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist :)

So as many of you know, I really hate winter a lot.

Every year I tell myself I’m leaving this crap behind, but I never get off my butt and actually do it. Instead I incessantly complain about it and draw up comics about how much I hate it.

Oh, well…at least you guys can get some enjoyment out of my misery.


As I was drawing this one, I decided that I wasn’t going to draw many backgrounds. Even though I felt the story could benefit from them, I thought “Isn’t my time better spent than drawing some damn background buildings and cars?”

Then I thought “Can’t somebody else do this for me?”

THEN I thought “Screw it! Time for some more 3D city action”…last seen way back in Kid Hype #3.

I rendered a few city backdrops and attempted to style them to fit the comic. Here’s some flat renders:

You can see I did a bit of work to blend it into a more cartoony style of this comic.

I’ve said before that I do feel a little guilty about not drawing in the buildings, but I think most people don’t care how the building got there. As long as it helps the story, or at the very least, doesn’t screw it up, it’s fine.

I know I normally post pencils and inks on these comics, but on this one I actually forgot to scan the pencils. I just grabbed my ink rapidograph and started going to town. I was already on my first pass by the time I realized I never scanned it in pencil stage. Sorry!

Anyway, you may have noticed from time to time, but I don’t always draw this stuff in order. Sometimes I’ll just try to fit in as much stuff as posible even if the panels don’t necessarily flow correctly.

I always break up the panels anyway in Photoshop, then lay them out in Illustrator so it doesn’t really matter.

Finally, check out these two inked versions. When I ink over the pencils, first I’ll just go through with a .25 weight line and ink over everything in a uniform manner. If you check the first one you’ll see the lines are all the same an there’s not much dynamic line weight going on.

Now compare with the 2nd pass, where I go back with a larger weight rapidograph, as well as sharpies and other markers to add more variation and interest to the lines.

So anyway that’s all for this one. Just a heads up, next week’s comic may not hit on time. Depending on what my schedule looks like this week I may delay it a day or just wait until the following week.

So aside from that, thanks for reading and let me know what you thought in the comments!

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24 thoughts on “Monday Comics – The WRATH of Old Man Winter

    1. Hey Jacko!

      You’re pretty much spot on, I wanted some kind of hippie-beatnik vibe for the character, I’m glad it came through. Thanks for commenting, man!

      1. very impressive artwork keep doing your thing, I bet this is popular with the youth. I grew up checking out comic books. I think that’s how I first started to notice great artwork.

  1. Now that was funny John. I hate winter too although the majority of the time ours are really mild compared to the rest of the US.

    I was also thinking oh my goodness he drew the city back there and then as I scrolled down your post I see that you had the rendering of the city. The comics are a lot to begin with and the city would have been a handful. I don’t blame you, your time can definitely be spent doing something much more valuable. Great call.

    1. Thanks, Adrienne!

      Yes I’m sure you guys have those barely noticeable winters. I’m jealous lol!

      Tell the truth, you probably laugh when you see those national weather forecasts, right? :)

    1. LOL I admit it. I’m a winter wuss. I can’t stand it.

      It just snowed here today. Is this really necessary? Really??

      I can’t wait until next week’s comic when I can punch Old Man Winter right in the shnozz again! :P

  2. Hahaha! That was so funny John, you make me laugh at this. Anyway thanks for the laugh I enjoy everything about here.

    1. Hey Mitch, I’m lucky my boys showed up at the last second, otherwise it would have been a tragedy LOL!

      Now we just have to show these fools what’s up next time!

    1. Hi Mika! I wish we only had two seasons here – personally I would go with summer and fall. Spring is too mushy and winter…well…I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I hate winter! lol

      thanks for reading! :)

      1. Hello there! Thanks for the reply. If you are wishing that, i am wishing that Philippines would have four seasons. Its a little bit boring to just have two seasons in a year, trust me.

  3. Haha, such a hippie looking old man winter! Although he looks like Santa a bit. :) You know what? I could read your comics B&W, like the way you are sharing here. Love them.

  4. This is really nice. Very nicely done. I laughed when I saw there was behind the scenes. lol

  5. Hahaa love this one, so funny. I think everyone hates winter a little bit at least. As always its cool to see your process, and if you really hate the cold so much you should come out and join me in LA! Haha it was over 90 degrees this weekend, you jealous???

  6. I love seeing the creative process unfold… the sketches and your thought processes. Great short comic this is. It made me chuckle :-)

  7. Very impressive! The story is nice but the behind the scene is superb! I’ve already seen the pencils of the second part of this series and I know why you’re disappointed about forgetting them.
    However keep on with the hard work!
    just a little advice, if I may. The strip is really small! I struggled to read the text and I can see perfectly!

  8. Great stuff here! Really like the way you walk us through the process – kinds like Penn and Teller showing you how they do their tricks ;-)

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