Monday Comics – Fantasy Comic THE EVER ZONE pt 5

Greetings, Hypertransitory readers! Week 18 of Hypertransitory Monday Comics is here, with part 5, the final part (for now) of my Fantasy and Sci-Fi themed comic The Ever Zone!


Click here if you missed last time’s ‘The Ever Zone’ Part 4 – then head back over here for part 5!

Time and space have existed for eons without too much trouble…until now. Some unknown force has torn a hole in the fabric of space-time. Inside is an apparently endless zone that can and does connect everywhere with everywhere.

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JG Creator Notes

Well everyone, this is going to be the final chapter of The Ever Zone for awhile.

I want to keep changing things up and we’ve had about 5 weeks in a row of Flinn, Jaiya, Vizron and Veranyne so we’ll be seeing something different next week.

Never fear, I will eventually return to the world of The Ever Zone, I’m just not sure exactly when.

However, when we do come back I’m going to start answering some really important, fairly basic questions, such as…

  1. Who are Flinn and Jaiya? I mean, just WHO ARE these guys, anyway? Where do they come from? We pretty much know the deal regarding Vizron and Veranyne, so we’ll need to even the score on that front.
  2. Why is Vizron so interested in Jaiya? You can be sure he’s not looking for a hot date.
  3. Who built The Ever Zone and why? Or is it an accident? Why does it exist?
  4. What does everyone hope to gain from entering and exploring the Zone?


As usual, here’s the raw pencil for your viewing pleasure:

Anyway if you guys have any questions you’d like answered let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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35 thoughts on “Monday Comics – Fantasy Comic THE EVER ZONE pt 5

  1. When I was younger Green Lantern was my all time favorite. Marvel was my god..Im going to have to step away from my video games and get here more often.Great place you have here.Jim

    1. Hey Doug! thanks a lot for dropping in man I appreciate it. I hope you find the site entertaining, and thanks for commenting :)

    1. Hi Roger,

      thanks for the compliment. I might start adding in some tips to future episodes and see how people respond to it. Thanks a lot for commenting!

  2. Arrrggh! More! LOL

    This is a fascinating series. A great story with awesome art.

    Keep em’ coming, John. I know how you feel, though, wanting to mix things up.



    1. Hey Mitch!

      I’m never quite sure who likes what comic. I had run a poll but there was not much response to it, unfortunately.

      I figure I’m going to keep rotating until people are overwhelmingly clamoring for one or the other, then I can spend my time more productively. Actually,t hat gives me an idea for Monday. thanks lol!

    1. Hi Eleonora, thanks for the compliment and the comment. I’m still a little surprised how much people like the pencil art, but I’m flattered that they do :)

    1. Hi Sarah, yeah as I was drawing it I was chuckling a little at how over the top Vizron can be, but that’s the fun of the character lol. thanks for commenting!

    1. hi Hanna!

      I actually use up to four pencils when I draw The Ever Zone. I start with the non-photo blue just to rough things in, then a very light 6B strength pencil, after than I use a 2B, which is pretty much “regular strength”. For super dark lines I use a 6B strength pencil. Probably more info than you wanted to know lol.

      thanks for your comment!

  3. You really had a great idea doing comics..Looking forward for the next issue..Thank you for sharing..

  4. You continuously amaze me John with your talent. Not only do you tell stories through your comics but you draw them yourself and I’m always blown away every time I visit. I bet your brain never sleeps.

    Great stories and great art work. You are one very talented young man.


    1. Hi Adrienne,

      thanks so much for the compliment and for reading these comics!

      Yes sometimes I have so many ideas it is tough to really focus them. I have forgotten way more good ideas than I have realized unfortunately. Curses.

      But thanks again for commenting, I really appreciate it!

  5. Whoa! Freaky! =) Loving the graphics, John! I hadn’t seen your comics yet and this is actually the first comic strip I’ve enjoyed in a while! =) I thoroughly admire you! =)

  6. Hello JG. You really dedicate your time on those drawings. The combination of pencils you’ve used is very effective. Draw more.

  7. Amazing graphics! Thank You.
    Are you working in PhotoShop?
    Just tried to draw in Phtotoshop
    but could not figure out how to use
    all of those effects

    Nice Art Work. Keep it coming!

    1. Hi Carol, yeah I do the coloring in Photshop.

      I rarely draw right into the computer because I like drawing on paper better. A lot of the effects are done using a combination of Blending Modes and Effects in the Layers Palette. Maybe I’ll do a walk-through of how I accomplish some of these colored effects one day.

      Thanks for your comment!

  8. Hi JG! I just happened to read this part, right before I read the previous parts! LOL! I’m going to read the previous parts now. It’s another great series from you, mate!

  9. Pencil Sketches is really great! I enjoyed watching the different shades of the sun… I love learning the set up you used with the sketches. You never fail to amaze me with your posts JG! Thank you for sharing…

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