Monday Comics – Fantasy Comic THE EVER ZONE pt 3

Week 16 of Hypertransitory Monday Comics is here, featuring part 3 of my Fantasy and Sci-Fi themed comic The Ever Zone!


Click here if you missed last week’s ‘The Ever Zone’ Part 2 – then head back over here for part 3!

Time and space have existed for eons without too much trouble…until now. Some unknown force has torn a hole in the fabric of space-time. Inside is an apparently endless zone that can and does connect everywhere with everywhere.

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JG Creator Notes

Ok, calamity has struck again! I had some hard drive issues a while back and I just found out that apparently the working files for this comic are corrupted beyond repair. Curses.

Luckily the finished files were ok, but if I ever wanted to change anything, I’d have to rebuild the file in Adobe Illustrator (where I lay out all my text).

The lesson: Make sure you have multiple backups, and you can’t rely on hard drives with moving parts. Get that stuff backed up onto removable storage media like cd or dvd. If I would have bothered to make a dvd backup I could have just pulled it from there.


Check out the pencil on this one. Originally I made this in two pages, but I combined the files for this post.

The second page is a perfect example where you can see just how much work I left for Photoshop in this one. It was a scene where it was more accurately depicted with color than with lines.

Although the pencils go faster, you still end up doing a lot of work in Photoshop. As it turns out, very little time, if any, is actually saved.

So let’s see where Flinn and Jaiya end up next week. Thanks a lot for reading and let me know what you think in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “Monday Comics – Fantasy Comic THE EVER ZONE pt 3

    1. Hi Annie! Yeah they are an unsavory lot! Those darn Drinkers will be making their appearance in the next episode, stay tuned :)

  1. Brilliant! I’m loving the series, it’s so interesting to see how you transform them from pencil sketches to the final product. Maybe one day you could do a video showing what you do in photoshop for the transformation?

    1. Hey Andy, yeah I’ve been meaning to do a video of my whole process, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet…be on the lookout for that in 2012!

    1. Hi David, welcome to the party! Yeah I might invest in one of those Drobo’s or something so I can back up without thinking about it. You’re right you can never have enough backups as I just learned the hard way…

  2. Happy Holidays, John. I’m glad I finally caught a moment to read part three.
    You’re a genius. This story is just so cool.

    It would be fun, like Andy suggested, to see you in action.

    By the way, Jaiya is hot! LOL



    1. Hey Mitch, thanks man! I’m definitely going to do a video, but I wanted to start at the pencil phase. I got myself one of those Flip Videos so hopefully I can get that set up above my drawing table and go to town.

      Oh yeah, and I’m sure Jaiya would appreciate the compliment!

      Happy New Year!

  3. I’ve just got to say, your pencil action sketches are simply…inspiring. Phenomenal. I’ve always enjoyed sketching in pencil (although not well) and I just very much admire what you do with the medium. AWESOME!

    1. Hey Christian, I think you’d like to draw as much as I’d like to sing lol! Wanna trade super-powers?

      Thanks for dropping in here and for the compliment. I hope you have yourself a happy new year, my friend!

  4. Your pencil scratches are…amazing!! My daughter and I were staring at them for more than 15 mins!! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!! xoxoxox

    1. Hi Anna thanks for reading! I’m glad you and your daughter enjoyed it, it feels good to know people appreciate the rough “behind the scenes” art. Have a happy new year!

  5. Great post! I really love the comics and the story is interesting lol! Funny cartoons too :) Do you have a love story comics?

    1. Hi Judith, thanks for reading! I don’t really have any love story comics…yet. I have a couple of ideas that we may see take shape in February :)

    1. Hi,
      Thank you for this article and Awesome Sketches! It is very interesting! We hope to come back with other articles as interesting and exciting!


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