Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 07

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 07

Titans|Divinity continues in an episode called “Attack of the Titan Kill-Bots!”

Titans|Divinity – Stupid robots…

Man, I guess she taught those bots a valuable lesson. Or, maybe she didn’t. I guess the robots would still have to be functioning in order to learn anything.

The lesson for us is that it’s going to take lot more than three robots to take down Niva, even if she is caught off guard.

Will someone eventually be melted down into slag? Well, with the Titans, there’s a high probability of that happening anyway so that may be something to look forward to.

Blender Robot Action

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 07 Kill-Bot

I decided to make a more “realistic” shot of the Kill-Bot skull using Blender. While it’s possible to get these kinds of results using the Daz default renderer, it’s always easier for me to do it in Blender.

Although, I can easily go crazy when setting up a project in Blender. For this one I started adding in mist effect, plus all kinds of glow and glare effects using the Blender Compositor. I was also planning on putting in grass and some sort of atmospheric effects.

Except, I had to pull back because the project started getting out of hand. With these Titans comics, this stuff is mostly supposed to be supplementary to the upcoming novel, so I had to remind myself that one of the main guidelines was that this stuff needs to be quick.

That means I don’t do anything in Blender that I could possibly do in Photoshop later, since that will cut down my render times significantly. For example, check the raw render of the Kill-bot skull below:

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 07 Kill-Bot raw render

You can see right away that I added the background later in Photoshop, plus added in a slight eye-glow, and the mist effect in the foreground. Doing those effects in Blender would have added a lot of extra time to my set-up and rendering of the project.

I did add the depth of field effects in Blender as you can see in the raw render, plus the eyes were actually lights, and you can see the red actually reflecting in the “brows” of the skull.

Even though I left out a lot of effects in Blender, the render still took about 2 hours on my machine. Not too bad, so I’m going to try to keep my render times to about that much for anything “comic related”.

Behind the scenes

Here’s a look at some of the raw renders of the comic and of the Kill-bot head so you can see a little bit of how I work through these things.

The comic panels are output from Daz Studio, while the Kill-Bot images are rendered from Blender.

The Wrap Up

Alright guys, thanks for reading, and if you know anyone who likes this sort of comic or art, please share this out there, I’d appreciate it.

Aside from that, I’m outta here for now, so I’ll catch you all next time!

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  1. Those panels are gorgeous John and remind me of the Terminator endosketatons. Thanks for sharing such a great set of panels, and I hope you have an excellent morning Man.

    1. Thanks Maurice!

      I was thinking “Terminator” when I made these, too, so I know what you mean. On that topic, I could use another good Terminator movie, hopefully we’ll get one soon

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