Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 06

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 06

Titans|Divinity: Niva begins her hunting mission.

Titans|Divinity – Dem Bots, Dem Bots…

TITANS|DIVINITY - Titan Kill-bot

This robot is looking pretty dangerous, I have to say. Although, it certainly seems as if Niva isn’t worried.

Now who would leave a bunch of murderous robots who refuse to properly enunciate their words?

It is a mystery…

The Wrap Up

I gotta keep this one short and sweet this time, guys, but let me know what you thought, or if you have any questions in the comments.

Also, please share if you know anyone who likes comics and sci-fi, I would definitely appreciate it.

I’ll see you guys next time!

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7 thoughts on “Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 06

    1. Thanks Maurice, I’ve been changing my process as I do each one of these so I’m glad it’s working out lol.

  1. Waaaah! My email and your RSS feed are misbehaving. I did not get episodes 3-5. Still, it is fun catching up in one go. Like Netflix. Only better!

    Let me know if there is a way for me to get these as you publish them.



    1. Hey Mitch! I know what you mean. I subscribed to my own feed using Feedly and now that I check, the last couple of posts didn’t pop in there for me either.

      Somethin’ done changed somewhere, methinks…I will investigate and hopefully fix it.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Titans, I’m having fun making these up, too!

  2. JG, Niva is a really great character. I also like the way the warmth of her character colors is played against the cold drab atmosphere around her. It makes the planet feel insidious and threatening. Nice work JG.

    1. Thanks Jerry!

      Niva has ended up being more fun than I expected, that’s why I chose her mission to continue instead of Dux. We’ll catch up with the rest eventually, but Niva still has a few episodes to play out :)

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