Hypertransitory Monday Comics #6 – The Commander Series!

Once again, it’s Hypertransitory Monday Comics time. This week we’re starting a new series with my 3D comic The Commander Series!

The Commander Series

This isn’t the first appearance of the Commander. To see the first comic click here:

The Commander Series Original Comic

It’s tough enough trying to survive out there in the galaxy. Life-extinguishing cosmological events, brutal alien invasions, and all-around hostile intent between species forced to share the same spaceways makes for some harsh living.

It’s about to get worse.

When a completely amoral, borderline psycopath discovers an unstoppable ship from another universe, he decides it’s time the rest of the galaxy started playing by his rules. Oh wait, The Commander has no rules…

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Be back next week for part 2!

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22 thoughts on “Hypertransitory Monday Comics #6 – The Commander Series!

    1. Maybe that should be the subtitle of this series, Stan!

      And thanks for checking out the ebook, it means a lot that you liked it!

    1. Yeah I guess he had to learn that from somewhere! I’ll have to file that away for a future story :)

  1. I LOVE IT! Great duo!

    I was just wondering…why are all robots pejoratively referred to as “toasters”? Aren’t there any other appliances that can malfunction. Why are toasters so low on the scale of robotic dignity? :)

    1. Hah-ha! Good question, Ana. I can’t speak for the comic book realm but, think about it! The things are one-trick ponies! They can’t even open up a can of beans.

      I bet the real reason is that toasters are stupid and humans need to assert their puny authority by demeaning robots.



    2. You know what Ana? Toaster was the very first thing that popped into my head for the dialogue at the time. And now that I think about it, it must be because I’ve heard/seen it so many times before.

      At least we know that way out there in space they have sliced bread and they make toast!

      What other appliance can share the hall of shame with the toaster?

      Not my George Foreman grill. That thing is awesome. I do have a “Rival” sandwich maker that’s collecting dust. That doesn’t have the same ring to it. Aw, shucks…

  2. Wow! You guys have thought this through even more than I have! That gives me hope I’m not alone in these kinds of thoughts :D

    Mitch, I love your argument about the “can of bean opening ability” as a unit of robot’s dignity!

    John, I figured out as well. They use it in the Terminator, in Galactica, Futurama…I thinking about other things that could share the shame with the useless toasters…but the only thing that crosses my mind is my car at the moment :D…I admit – “Ana’s car” is not much of a metaphor.

  3. I love comics and this one is really funny! Indeed a great episode. :)

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