Be lazy AND efficient with the WordPress Mobile App

I got myself one of those Droid Incredibles a few months ago. I never thought I would become one of “those” people who are constantly on their phone -not talking, but swiping/touching/texting, etc. Well I became one of them.

I’m always checking my Facebook/Twitter/Email with this thing, watching videos, torrenting, etc. Man there’s always something to do on the phone! So it should come as no surprise that I started getting my blog on, too. Mobile-like, that is…

Out on the town…and Out of Touch

Anyway, I was out one weekend when I checked my mail and I got the notification of some new comments. I thought to myself “well I’ll just have to wait until I get home to approve that.”

But then I thought…“or DO I?”

I remembered reading (somewhere) about the WordPress Mobile App and I thought this would be the perfect time to give it a shot.

Getting the WordPress Mobile App

A quick search of the Droid Marketplace turned up the official WordPress app. My beloved fellow Droid users can get it here:

There’s a nice intro video on the Android version but there doesn’t seem to be on the others.

Other platforms click here to choose yours:

Or if you’d rather use a Barcode/QR code scanner you can jump to it directly using this barcode (for Android phones):


For those of you not familiar with QR code scanners, these are apps you can run on your phone that work with your phone’s camera function. You just take a picture of the code n the screen while the app is open and it will jump right to the Marketplace/Website destination without all the hassle.

If possible, I prefer to use these rather than search the Marketplace. Sometimes there might be 2 or three versions of the same app and I don’t want to install the wrong thing.

Here’s a list of scanners you can use for the Droid:

For the iPhone (alternate ones at the bottom):

For Blackberry:

Going (WordPress) Mobile

Once you get the app downloaded and installed, you’ll need to fire it up and input your blog info in order to get your mobile WordPressin’ on.

Now for those of you used to these smart phones, you know what a pain in the butt it is to type into these things. For that reason I’d never want to actually compose an entire post in the Mobile app.

However, it’s perfect for editing your existing posts and of course, approving comments.

You check out your blog from another machine or from your own phone and you see an embarrassing typo. Crap! You don’t have your password memorized. Now do you gotta wait until tonight until you get all the way home before you can fix it?

NO! You DON’T.

Just open the WordPress app you already installed and set up, then go to town, edit to your heart’s content!

True Story

Here’s where I truly realized the power of the app:

After a long night composing a post, I had finally made it to bed and was ready to sleep the sleep of the just. Unfortunately, I just HAD to look at my site one more time. Of course, I caught an error on the post.

Man, I’m not dragging my ass out of bed where it’s warm and toasty and walking twenty steps out of my bedroom out into the cold over to my computer! Hell no.

Then it was time for my thumbs to spring into action and open up the mobile WordPress app. I fixed the error in a few seconds and I was able to keep my toes nice and warm while I did it.

Chuckling softly to myself about how I had ONCE AGAIN bested fate, happenstance and the brutal Wisconsin winter, I rolled over and drifted off into well deserved slumber.

People, it just doesn’t get any better than this. I was lazy AND efficient at the same time. Check this out if you have one of the requisite smartphones, you’ll love using it in a pinch, especially if you have multiple blogs.

If you use it or have questions let me know what you think. Good luck in your Mobile Blogging endeavors!

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50 thoughts on “Be lazy AND efficient with the WordPress Mobile App

    1. Hey Vivian, you’re right. As I said in the post, I wouldn’t think I would be one of those people, but some of these apps are just so useful I can’t help it. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Yo Dino! it definitely helps out! You don’t have to be a lazy bum like me to use it, either :)

  1. That’s amazing! It boggles my brain how much thngs have changed in just a few years. Not so very long ago a telephone was a bulky device in two parts with a curly cord that one used to talk to freinds. Now they are pocket-sized computers that do all manner of things in addition to letting you stay in touch with friends.

    I know very little of these: I don’t own a dumb phone let alone a smart one. I did fire AT&T and switch to a VOIP service, but that’s about as edgy as I’ve gotten. Thanks for enlightening us, John.

    1. It’s probably good you don’t own a smartphone, the darn things take up all of our time because you can do so much on ’em! Good move on going VOIP, too! Thanks for dropping in!

  2. I think this application will be the first app I installed on my future Google Nexus S. :)

    I really want to be able to do my wordpress activity anywhere and anytime via cell phone.

    1. Do it, Dana! I just Googled the Google Nexus S (well that is strange to say), it looks like a pretty sleek piece of kit, as the British would say, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Right now it’s great to have some smartphone because You can manage your web stuff wherever You are no matter when, just have to have your phone with You!!!

  4. My brother recently got the Android and goes on and on about its features. I’m still stuck in the Blackberry family and use that for everything! I mean, ev-er-ee-thing!
    Do you know if they offer a WordPress app for Blackberrys?

  5. I remember when being “on the phone” meant that you were rooted to one spot (unless you were “cool” and had a huge 20 foot phone cord so you could walk into the next room ‘n stuff), and everyone could hear your conversation, only one person in the house could talk on the phone at the same time, and –at least with my parents– lowering your voice for a little privacy instantly ended your phone privileges because it obviously meant you were up to something.

    Now phones are so teenie I lose mine on a regular basis, and can do things for you like scan bar codes and promote lazy efficiency while keeping your toes warm as you update a blog online.

    Crazy things, these phones.


  6. Aah man, going mobile with WordPress. I love it. I’ve yet to get that far in the mobile game, but sure hope to soon. For some reason I’ve always been a little slow when it comes to mobile.

    1. Hey Christian, I’m actually with you, if my brother hadn’t gotten me a sweet deal on this phone, I STILL wouldn’t have one lol…

      If you ever have any questions when you get in on the action just let me know, man. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Nice! Nothing like being lazy and productive at the same time. It is amazing what technology is bringing these days. I haven’t caved in to getting a smart phone yet but it sure is tempting with all the fun apps. (my wife keeps her iPod touch with her all the time so I can’t play with it – so not fair :)

    1. Yeah Chris it’s the apps that kill you! Now I’m thumb-twiddling while in traffic. I can see why they’re enacting these laws now. I don’t mind getting myself killed, but I don’t want to get someone else killed just because I had to hit that next level in Bejeweled!

  8. I saw “lazy” and came straight here. :). I have been using the iPhone version to approve comments for awhile. Love it!! Very convenient. I’m tooooo lazy to type a post on it, but quick edits it is nice. Welcome to the phone addict world. You will wonder what you did without it. I’m as bad as a teen with it in my hand all the time. I do important things like watch The Onion videos. :)

  9. It sure would be nice if they did have an app geared toward blogging or design – I was briefly thinking about an iPad for working while away from home but it just isn’t ready for hard core design or website updating quite yet. Unless I just didn’t see the right apps. I’m sure it won’t be too long though before work away from home can be done on something smaller and more convenient than a laptop.

  10. Very interesting, John. I really love smartphones. All of the applications make my make life easier. Down with the Neo-Luddites! They never knew how life has been changing rapidly.

    1. Hey Andrew! Yeah that’s what I say, after I discovered all these apps and such, I’m never goin’ back!

  11. I just switched the Android network. Thanks for this. I rarely use my home computer anymore unless I need to see something full size and clear, so having WordPress on my phone and managing it on the go is a time saver. Thanks!

    1. Hi Becca, you’re welcome, but now the trick is to somehow *stop* using it at all hours of the day and night :)

  12. Hmm, i do enjoy your blog but find that it is really slow to load, does anybody else have the same issue or is it time for a new computer for me

    1. Hey Christian, I would definitely concede that this site is not as quick as it could be.

      The major reason for this is back when I started out I chose a free, semi-decent theme that wasn’t really optimized for WordPress 3.0/3.1. I think 2.8 was the flavor of the day at the time.

      In the meantime, all the hacks and workarounds I’ve implemented here are taking their toll on this aging theme.

      I’m in the process of moving this blog to a Genesis framework theme, but it is sloooow going. Thanks for hanging there, I hope to get this beast updated by early summer!

  13. Hi there,

    I am with you on thinking I would never be one of ‘those people’. But, I AM. I love my new Incredible.

    Anyway, I never thought to use the WordPress app, because like you, I don’t want to type an entire blog on such a small keyboard. But, using it for quick editting when I’m away from my desk is brilliant.

    Thank you,


  14. Hi Kathy, you’re welcome. It doesn’t take much to become one of ‘those people’ does it?

    Like I said, there’s no going back now! Thanks for commenting :)

    1. No doubt, Diane! I wish I would have found this sooner so I just wanted to spread the word to people who could get some use out of it. I’m glad you already found it :)

    1. Hey Paul that’s exactly what I was doing with my phone before I found this app, lol!

      I was like “wait I can actually be productive with this thing??” yes!

      hope you can make use of it!

  15. Great post! Oh man, how mobile apps changed everything! I can now do my banking, checking email, facebook, work on my review site and much much more all from my phone! its a beautiful thing! Thanks for the great post!

    1. Hey David, I agree, my friend. I don’t exactly create posts from scratch on my phone, but I certainly will go in there and edit away.

      Of course there’s absolutely no reason why I couldn’t except for my lack of proficiency with typing on this thing!

  16. John, It’s an awesome app. But, I am still confused whether this Smartphone and infinite app revolution is good or bad. Without a doubt, it gives you that comfort and the accessibility. But are we losing out on quite a few of other things? It’s become a ritual to bow before your phone; be it while waking up or even travelling. Chatting with fellow travellers, appreciating things around you seems just so unproductive. The virtual world seems to be on an invasion drive.

    Kevin Rudd

    1. Hey Kevin, I’m officially caught up with these dang apps!

      You can’t put the genie back in the bottle, I guess .I’m checking these things like every 20 minutes.

      I sure hope we never have a disaster where all technology is destroyed…millions would die from tech withdrawal!

  17. Oh man why did you post this, I’m working on a blog and now I want to download this (for my Iphone though). I was the same way with the smartphones, didn’t want to get one for a long time and now I’m always on the damn thing. Love/Hate it!

    1. Hey John, I did a search on the Android Marketplace and I saw a few Joomla apps, but none made by Joomla themselves. I went to the main site to check and didn’t see an “official” mobile app. they need to jump on that. thanks for your comment!

  18. Haha you always put such a funny spin on actual useful information lol I’m not really a blogger, but I have been in a similar situation as you described at the end. I love how I can surf the web and look stuff up without having to get out of bed. Man ain’t technology grand?

    1. Hi Karen, yes technology has helped lazy bums like me immensely in recent years. Now if only someone would make an app that would clean my apartment for me that would be killer!

  19. I can relate to your being in bed example. In fact, I did this just early this morning. I went over a post I wrote last night and found a few problems. But did I really feel like getting up (in the cold) to turn on my PC? No way. Thankfully, I have this app and don’t even have to bother to login to edit my content!

  20. Using mobile apps for wordpress is very hard for me as i wanted my space to be more wider.

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