Mr. Terrific – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 9

Mr-Terrific-art by john garrett
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Day 9 of 28 Days of Black Super Heroes, today’s hero is the DC Comics’ character Mr. Terrific.

Ok, who knows about this guy? Anyone?

Here’s the thing: This is the kind of character I should like. Except I don’t. Mostly because I haven’t read too much about him. And that’s mostly because he’s hooked up with the Justice Society of America, which bores me beyond measure.


Anyway, Michael Holt is the second Mr. Terrific.

Back in the WWII Golden Age, the first Mr. Terrific was a super-intelligent, super-talented guy who had no challenges in life because of his ability. He decided taking chances and helping people was his way to cope.

The present day Mr. Terrific is a similarly talented man, driven to suicidal tendencies because of the loss of his wife and child. After meeting The Spectre (you don’t want to meet this guy), he was told about the first Mr. Terrific and decided to use his talents for the same purpose -even hooking up with the Justice Society just like the first guy.


Initially, I had no idea what this guy did. At first I just figured he was another martial artist or something. Turns out he is a superb martial artist, but he’s also extremely smart, as in 3rd smartest person on Earth smart (I assume one of the top two is Batman. Who could be the other one…Lex Luthor? Anyone?)

But aside from that, he’s invented some devices called T-Spheres, which orbit his body at all times and prevent him from being recorded or detected by technological devices. I wish I had a few of those things, the traffic cams around here are a real bitch.

Here’s a scene where he tells Black Lightning a little bit about himself during the DC crossover event Infinite Crisis:

You tell ‘im, Black Lightning! -Infinite Crisis #6


Ok, I obviously don’t know that much about Mr. Terrific. By all counts, this is a guy I should really be interested in. This is the type of character black people can really look up to.

I just don’t like the name, not only does it suck, he’s not even the original. I think they could’ve done better by going with something brand new rather than re-hashing an old character for shoe-horning into the JSA.

I guess having a letter from your name on your suit is not a big deal for most super-folk, but damn man don’t spell out the whole thing, especially if it’s Terrific.

There’s not much that could get me engaged with this character, he’s got the stink of the JSA on him, unfortunately. I will admit that DC did something psuedo-cool here. Too bad, it coulda been great, though.

So that’s all, folks! Oh yeah, here’s the pencil art I did for Mr. Terrific. See you tomorrow!

MR-TERRIFIC-pencil art

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11 thoughts on “Mr. Terrific – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 9

  1. Contrary to Red Schubox, I don’t think he looks that cool really… If I had to choose between Marvel & DC, DC get’s it every time b/c of Batman, but who is this guy? lol! :-P

    1. LOL, well in DC lore he’s “the 3rd smartest guy” in the world. I’ve never been into him but I guess he was popular enough to make the cut into the “New” DC.

  2. The character is not new but surprisingly I don’t remember reading Mr Terrific comics. Maybe its because of the craze for characters like Superman, Batman, Tin Tin and Phantom I missed out on this terrific character. Maybe I’ll grab a copy for the little ones at home and read myself as well when I have time.

    1. Hey Robert, they just “restarted” the whole DC Universe (Superman, Batman and the like) and threw out a lot of heroes, but Mr. Terrific made the cut, so this is a great time to jump on if you’re at all interested!

  3. He is really terrific I mean funny, I mean great character. I love the way you draw it using your pencil (is it right?), that drawing really looks terrific! It is very good actually.

    1. Hi Isabella, yes I drew these with pencil and then colored them in Photoshop. Thanks for the compliment!

  4. That looks terrific I like it! Did you draw it manually? well, it looks good and I love it, very creative and very impressive. I don’t know how to draw it (sigh), well actually you made it great, keep it up!

  5. That hero looks terrific.

    @Sophia I think he did I don’t really thing any programs were involved except Photoshop for coloring he stated.

    Anyways really great I must say.

    1. HI Mitja, yes you’re right it was only Photoshop to color over the pencil art. Thanks for the compliment and the comment!

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