JOOMLA Drop Down menus with SWMenu Free

I just posted a video tutorial on setting up the SWmenufree extension in Joomla 1.5.

It’s true that sometimes people don’t know what to do first when they install this extension, so I came up with a basic walkthrough. Here’s the vid (and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you don’t want to miss a video!):

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2 thoughts on “JOOMLA Drop Down menus with SWMenu Free

  1. Hi J,

    Thank you for your video on how to install swMenu in joomla, it worked well, however i have one question for you. Is it possible for me to use swMenu on more than one menus on the same site in joomla? and if so how to configure it on multiple menus.

    Can you lend your expertise on this please.


  2. Hey Erwin. You’ll need to purchase the Pro version if you want to use SWMenu on more than one menu.

    Once you install that, you’ll be given the option of which menu you want to configure when you choose the SWMenu component.

    Just let me know if you encounter any problems. Good luck!

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