Daredevil – He should probably just be killed

Daredvil #504 Cover
Daredvil #504 Cover
Daredvil #504 – Just chillin’ after killin’ up some folks…

There’s a lot more exciting comics out there than Daredevil these days, and I only write this because after I read the latest issue I realized that I’m about to drop this one.

I’ve read all kinds of Daredevil starting from back in the 80’s right around the really good first Frank Miller run, not the Born Again stuff, but the stuff he actually drew.
With Daredevil, the stories are really only at their best when Matt Murdock is pushed over the edge and is half-crazy.
To be fair, the stories have to feature some adversity for our heroes, otherwise they’d be pretty boring.
The problem is unless Daredevil is half-psycho and being extra brutal, his stories really don’t matter that much. There comes a time when enough is enough, though.
I started reading the more recent Daredevil run a few years ago right at the end of the Brian Michael Bendis run when his identity became public. The heat was on and it never really let up even once. Not once.
You’d think this would be a good thing, but damn come on. This guy was sent to prison, then his wife was poisoned and probably irreparably brain damaged or something, then the Kingpin shows back up and the Hand show up and start screwing around with his life.
Meanwhile DD is out there torturing people and breaking limbs and doing all kinds of horrendous stuff in the name of his wife, friends, whatever. The ends always justifies the means with DD. Where someone like Spider-Man always finds another way, Daredevil is always ready to descend into the sewer with the street garbage and electrocute someone or do some other ghastly bodily harm. The guy’s a nutcase.
Now, he’s actually taken control of the assassin’s cult The Hand, and he’s bringing brutal justice to the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. Ugh, here we go again. He always goes way over the edge and goes too far. His friends always have to wonder about this guy. They’re always wondering “Has Matt finally lost it?”
That’s not a good situation for a hero. He’s always crazy. Each story has to push him over the edge. Give it up already. I sure have.
The worst part is that for years we’ve read this character’s crap about the law and how he believes in the law but then he goes out as a vigilante for vicious street justice. Sheesh. It’s been debated over and over again, but I’m done with this character. Man give him a break already.
You can still write interesting stories and not have him one eggshell away from a mental breakdown every issue. Or maybe they can’t. I don’t know. I’m just so bored of the whole thing.
I think they should just kill him and wrap it up already. There’s not much more for him to contribute to the Marvel U, and he really won’t be missed too much in the grand scheme of things. Or here’s an even better solution – why not let him find a way to live with his wife or Dakota North or whoever he chooses so he can live a happy life and retire, and no new Daredevils or female Daredevils or any of that crap. Just end it.
Never happen, but it would be nice. At the very least, it’s over for me, I’m done buying this garbage until it shapes up. Most of the rest of the Marvel U. is hitting on all fronts (except X-Men ) so there’s still plenty out there to enjoy.
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