Adobe Illustrator Variable Data with the NEW Variable Importer on!

Great news everyone, there’s a NEW Variable Importer script in town, and it has even more cool features! Even better, I’ve created an in-depth **2-HOUR** course to walk you through it over on

Adobe Illustrator Variable Data – Multiple Datasets With VariableImporter Script

Adobe Illustrator Variable Data - Multiple Datasets With Variableimporter Script

If you’re familiar with InDesign’s Data Merge, you know how it can take your one design, then “build” the page by creating as many of those designs as it can on your page, at which point it will create a new page and continue building until it has enough pages for all of your data. Illustrator’s Variable Data feature won’t do this, but we can get pretty darn close with this method of creating multiple datasets on the artboard.

Adobe Illustrator Variable Data – The EASY way!

SUPER-DUPER Update: I’ve completed a 2.5 hour course on how to use the NEW Variable Importer 8.0 script, and it’s available on! Click to check out more info on the Adobe Illustrator Variable Data course! And now back to our in-progress blog post… Previously, I wrote up a tutorial for an easier method […]

How to Use Adobe Illustrator Variable Data with XML

If you’ve ever had to use Adobe Illustrator to set up multiple variations of a single file, then using the “Illustrator Variable Data” feature could save you a lot of time. It’s not very intuitive to set up, though, so I made up this tutorial.