BOOTED From The Internet pt2 – WordPress Plugin Apocalypse!

Hypertransitory - BOOTED from the Internet! PT 2

A couple of posts back I wrote about the problem of my site using too many resources on my host’s shared server. While the ultimate solution was revealed in that post, I’m going to reveal some tips that helped me improve this site’s performance by almost 100%, even though they weren’t the cause of the original issue.

10 Extensions That Make Google Chrome Almost Bearable


Even though I’ve switched to Google Chrome as my primary browser, I’ve only done so because it’s just barely more speedy and efficient than using Safari. And only that because I was forced to scour the web for extensions to make the difference. This is the tale of those 10 Chrome plugins…

Do you control your site’s mobile experience?

I’ve been doing some much needed structural work, shoring up the support beams here at the Hypertransitory Towers of Doom, and I decided to take a closer look at how my site displays on mobile devices. It was functional, but I thought I would make a few adjustments. If you haven’t paid close attention to your website’s mobile appearance you might want to do the same.

Firebug Web Developer: A Guide To Making Your Web Developing Life Easier

This one is an intro to Firebug tutorial for those looking to get started. The video deals with Firebug, Wordpress and TextWrangler but you can apply it to your own tools of choice (ie Joomla and Notepad, etc.).

How to use the Transmission Web Interface for Remote Management of Torrents

We’ve all done it before: Get up in the morning, head off to work, and only when you’re ten miles away from home do you realize you forgot to get your torrents downloading with your Transmission client. You’re probably just like me, you like to have things downloaded and ready to watch when you get […]

Targeting the BODY tag with CSS in WordPress

I recently had cause to resort to an old trick to target a single page with CSS. It turned out to be a bit of an ordeal in WordPress, although I must admit it’s still easier than in Joomla.

Preventing downloading of your Facebook hi-res images

I was uploading some pictures to my Facebook Fan Page and I noticed the “Download in High Resolution” link on the bottom right of the image. A few months ago I had read that FB was going to implement this feature but I’d forgotten all about it.

Templates and Themes: 5 reasons why you should use a template or theme when creating a website

5 reasons why you should use a template or theme when creating a website

I had a disagreement the other day with another designer friend of mine who took issue with my use of themes & templates and didn’t understand why I always start out with a theme or template. He argued that my work wasn’t really unique and that the web was being diluted with carbon copy sites […]

Getting your Facebook share out of Facebook Cache HELL!


Actually maybe that should be Facebook Cache Limbo? It is a mystery. Anyway, great news, people! An issue that came up in the comments section of my previous article on Facebook thumbnails has been solved (or at least reliably worked-around). Commenter Nélio (man, you rock!) tipped us off to the existence of the Facebook URL […]

My Joomla SWMenu Video Tutorial now showing on the official site!

Good news, folks. Sean White, the creator of the SWMenuPro system for Joomla over at saw my video tutorial the other day and wanted to use it on his official site. Awesome! Now, he never asked me to do this, but I don’t have a problem promoting any software that saves me time and […]

Sorting and organizing your torrent files using groups in Transmission


Recently I had showed a friend of mine how to go about using bittorent and the ins and outs of the whole scene. I caught up with him again and I realized that I’d never showed him one of the most powerful features for sorting and organizing torrents with Transmission 2.10. Namely the Groups feature.