A Drawing of Roger Sterling of Mad Men

Time for another Mad Men drawing, guys. This time it’s Roger Sterling, the lovable, lecherous head honcho at Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Roger’s the guy that always has something interesting to say, and always has a drink in his hands. Or I should say he has a drink in one hand and the other hand […]

You can realize your creative dreams – just ask The Trashmaster!

The Trashmaster

When the Police fail to do their job, The Trashmaster has to step in to clean up the human waste. This has been reported over and over in the video game community, but I decided to write this up because this is the kind of thing I really love. The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off […]

The lesson I learned from Tron: Legacy

This post contains spoilers of  the movie Tron: Legacy. Do not come up in here if you don’t want it spoiled. Additionally there is some R-rated language ahead. You have been warned. Dear beloved Hypertransitory readers, I’ve just come back from watching Tron: Legacy. As I was watching it something was bothering me, something in the […]

Using VUZE as a Media Server with your PS3


I’ve had a PlayStation3 for about 3 years now, and most of the time I use it to watch TV shows and movies rather than play video games. I bought it for Metal Gear Solid 4, but once I was done with that many of the games just didn’t catch my interest. After a big […]

Wheel of Time: The Gathering Storm – Book 12

Wheel of Time: The Gathering Storm Cover

I posted a half-assed review of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time: The Gathering Storm on my other site here: http://www.fantasybookbanner.com/reviews/45-fantasy-reviews/100-wheel-of-time-the-gathering-storm-book-12-half-ass-review-and-commentary.html This one is the 12th book in the ridiculously long series, and it isn’t done yet. Arrgh.