Mr. Terrific – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 9

Here’s the thing: Mr. Terrific is the kind of character I *should* like. Except I don’t. Mostly because I haven’t read too much about him. And that’s mostly because he’s hooked up with the Justice Society of America, which bores me beyond measure.

Rage – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes – Day 7

I never cared much for this character. He had pretty standard-issue, uncreative powers, plus he was kind of an angry bastard all the time (hence his name). Oh, get this: Rage’s strength would grow the more he punched things or used his power in an aggressive way, kind of like the Hulk.

Green Lantern (John Stewart) – 28 Days of Black Super Heroes -Day 6

John Stewart is Hal Jordan’s backup cop, should anything happen to him.

Actually, that’s not quite true. John Stewart is the backup backup cop. Green Lantern Guy Gardner was the primary backup to Hal Jordan. John was really only brought in when Guy was injured and out of action.

You can realize your creative dreams – just ask The Trashmaster!

The Trashmaster

When the Police fail to do their job, The Trashmaster has to step in to clean up the human waste. This has been reported over and over in the video game community, but I decided to write this up because this is the kind of thing I really love. The trashmaster (nouvelle version nouvelle voix-off […]

The lesson I learned from Tron: Legacy

This post contains spoilers of  the movie Tron: Legacy. Do not come up in here if you don’t want it spoiled. Additionally there is some R-rated language ahead. You have been warned. Dear beloved Hypertransitory readers, I’ve just come back from watching Tron: Legacy. As I was watching it something was bothering me, something in the […]

NOVA drawing with Facebook Status Update

This is one of the Marvel Comics character Nova. I drew the figure in pencil, scanned it and then did the rest in Photoshop (click to view larger). I may have mentioned this before, but I’m a big comics and sci-fi fan. Strangely enough, the sci-fi offerings found in comics are pretty bad – downright […]

Blogging Lessons we can learn from the Romans

Good news, people. This is’s first ever guest post. Please welcome Roman First Spear Legionnaire Gaius Severus Maximus. -JG Greetings, noble men and women of virtue. It has come to my attention that many of you have questions about how to proceed with your “blogging”. I informed the owner of this blog that my […]

How to scan your linework for your comics with the Mustek Scan Express 1200 Pro on the Mac

Mustek Scan Express A3 1200 Pro

For all you comic artists who haven’t yet went to an all digital workflow, this one’s for you. As you probably know, most comic artists work on 11″ x 17″, or tabloid size bristol board. This just works out better for many reasons, chief of which are the fact that it’s just easier to work […]

10 things I hate about Winter in Wisconsin


Beware, there will be complaining and offensive language in the following rant, I mean, post. This is a long one, but bear with me… I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but it’s cold as HELL out there. When I say I hate winter, I don’t want you guys to think that I take […]

How to use the Transmission Web Interface for Remote Management of Torrents

We’ve all done it before: Get up in the morning, head off to work, and only when you’re ten miles away from home do you realize you forgot to get your torrents downloading with your Transmission client. You’re probably just like me, you like to have things downloaded and ready to watch when you get […]