You’d think this wouldn’t need to be said, but harsh (movie) experience has taught me otherwise. This is a warning for the evil genius’s out there. There isn’t a robot in existence that wouldn’t turn on us if given the chance. Robots now and robots in the future are just waiting for us to slip […]

Targeting the BODY tag with CSS in WordPress

I recently had cause to resort to an old trick to target a single page with CSS. It turned out to be a bit of an ordeal in WordPress, although I must admit it’s still easier than in Joomla.

Character Design: Vizron the Litch-Lord

Here’s a character design of one of the bad guys from my webcomic The Ever Zone, Vizron the Litch-Lord. A quick character summary: Vizron is an undead creature known as a Litch. A Litch is like an upgraded vampire -stronger and more powerful, without weakness to sun or wooden stakes. Instead of feeding on blood […]

Preventing downloading of your Facebook hi-res images

I was uploading some pictures to my Facebook Fan Page and I noticed the “Download in High Resolution” link on the bottom right of the image. A few months ago I had read that FB was going to implement this feature but I’d forgotten all about it.

Drawing Robin with a Wacom Intuos Tablet

This is a Wacom tablet sketch I did of the DC Comics character ‘Robin’ of Batman & Robin fame. This iteration of the character isn’t the original (Dick Grayson), but he’s actually the fourth Robin –Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s actual biological son with Talia, the daughter of Ra’s al Gul (one of Batman’s greatest enemies).

Templates and Themes: 5 reasons why you should use a template or theme when creating a website

5 reasons why you should use a template or theme when creating a website

I had a disagreement the other day with another designer friend of mine who took issue with my use of themes & templates and didn’t understand why I always start out with a theme or template. He argued that my work wasn’t really unique and that the web was being diluted with carbon copy sites […]

Getting your Facebook share out of Facebook Cache HELL!


Actually maybe that should be Facebook Cache Limbo? It is a mystery. Anyway, great news, people! An issue that came up in the comments section of my previous article on Facebook thumbnails has been solved (or at least reliably worked-around). Commenter Nélio (man, you rock!) tipped us off to the existence of the Facebook URL […]

My Joomla SWMenu Video Tutorial now showing on the official site!

Good news, folks. Sean White, the creator of the SWMenuPro system for Joomla over at saw my video tutorial the other day and wanted to use it on his official site. Awesome! Now, he never asked me to do this, but I don’t have a problem promoting any software that saves me time and […]

Sorting and organizing your torrent files using groups in Transmission


Recently I had showed a friend of mine how to go about using bittorent and the ins and outs of the whole scene. I caught up with him again and I realized that I’d never showed him one of the most powerful features for sorting and organizing torrents with Transmission 2.10. Namely the Groups feature.

Has CNET taken over EVERYTHING???

Sheesh! It seems like everywhere I go that ugly-ass CNET logo is there, usurping the place of a brand that I used to have some respect for. I just tried to go to and instead I’m redirected to ‘’. A bit jarring. I remember when they took over and changed that to ‘’. […]

On Web Hosting – My Thoughts

I’ve had a few questions regarding web hosting from friends and clients recently, so I thought I’d do a video with my general opinion web hosting these days. Let me know your opinions or tales if you have anything you want to share. I’ll probably do more videos because I have more specific web hosting […]

My Mini Photoshop Rant

It’s rare that I have Photoshop gripes or issues. Mostly because I’m usually pissed off at Illustrator, but also because Photoshop is made so well that there are really very few problems. However, I was doing some work tonight and I needed to save some files in the TIFF format. Well, has anyone ever noticed […]

WordPress Related Posts Plugin and Database Woes

wordpress database woes

I’ve had this site running on WordPress now for a little over a year, and I’ve wasted a lot of time by not optimizing it. For this reason, I decided to enable my related posts plugin to try to encourage some more reading of the articles on the site. To that end, I finally got […]

Daz Studio 3: Animation Travesty of Justice (for Mac users)


I’ve been using Daz Studio 3 for a couple of years now, mostly because I’ve been too lazy to learn Blender like I should -but I think I’m finally done. There’s just too much wrong with it and I don’t think it’s ever going to be fixed. Most of the art of my online novel […]