4 DC New 52 Comics Worth Reading

4 DC New 52 Comics Worth Reading

Usually, when you hear someone discuss DC’s New 52 line-up, they’re talking about the disappointment they feel. While I can mostly agree with the naysayers, in this post I’m going to call out 4 New 52 comics I feel are worth reading.

BOOTED From The Internet pt2 – WordPress Plugin Apocalypse!

Hypertransitory - BOOTED from the Internet! PT 2

A couple of posts back I wrote about the problem of my site using too many resources on my host’s shared server. While the ultimate solution was revealed in that post, I’m going to reveal some tips that helped me improve this site’s performance by almost 100%, even though they weren’t the cause of the original issue.

Me And My #steampunkgoggles

Steampunkgoggles Heroine

Great news guys, this is my very first sponsored post here on Hypertransitory.com! Meaning I’m receiving compensation for todays Steampunk blog post.

I’ve had many opportunities to monetize this site, and between advertising and other sponsored posts, I’ve pretty much turned them all down.

Luckily for me this is something I’d blog about anyway, and I had a lot of fun creating the art you’re about to see, so I think this works out for everyone.

The Cold Elf, Ebook Marketing, and Other Stuff, Part 1

I just came out with another ebook, this time a story in the fantasy genre called “The Cold Elf”. This is the tale of how that story came to be, the art behind it, and some of my marketing plans.

Time For Some Art – The Nova Helmet

Nova Helmet created in Blender and Daz Studio.

It’s been quiet on this blog lately. That’s because I’ve been working on art and a lot of other projects. I figured I should actually show some of it, so I’m gonna start off with one of my favorite subjects – Marvel Comic’s Nova!

REVIEW – Skyland I: Abominations Extended Edition by Aelius Blythe

REVIEW - Skyland I: Abominations Extended Edition by Aelius Blythe

On a dried-out, dying world called Skyland, a young man attempts to break free from the grip of extremism. Unfortunately, escaping from the planet doesn’t help him escape from the burden of who he is.

Tales From The Freelance Side

JG and the Tales from the Freelance Side

The following is a tale not meant for the faint of heart. I’ve been freelance web developing, etc. for over three years now. I’ve had some great clients, but in those early days I ran into few that, in hindsight, I should have recognized as soul-sucking demons that had climbed straight from the deepest, fiery pits of HELL.

Facebook Boost Post…I Hate To Say It, But It WORKS

I’ve been running a few Facebook experiments using the Facebook “Boost Post” advertising feature. The short answer is, it does what it says it will do. Alas, it cost me nothing less than my very soul to discover this information.

10 Extensions That Make Google Chrome Almost Bearable


Even though I’ve switched to Google Chrome as my primary browser, I’ve only done so because it’s just barely more speedy and efficient than using Safari. And only that because I was forced to scour the web for extensions to make the difference. This is the tale of those 10 Chrome plugins…