Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 09

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 09

Niva finally gets her hands on Onuss!

Titans|Divinity…the book!


This site has been kind of slow lately because I’ve been working on the Titans|Divinity Novel.

I intended to have this thing done by fall, but I have discovered an awful truth: Writing a book is hard work! At least if you want to make it good.

So far I’m not even done with the first draft yet, and once I get done with that I’m going to leave it alone for a month, then try to revisit it and clean up any glaring errors, and then try to find myself a good editor with reasonable rates. At that point I expect to spend several more months cleaning it up before it’s ready.

So the book won’t be out until way into next year I would guess.

As I mentioned last time, there’s also a short Titans|Divinity preview featuring Dux and Niva that won’t appear in the final novel itself, but it should give people an idea of what to expect.

Behind The Scenes

Here’s a gallery of some of the 3D set up for this week’s comic.

Not all of these images end up making it into the final image, but it’s always interesting for me to come back and look at these raw renders. Sometimes I look at one months later and think “why did I even make this one?”

The Wrap Up

Another episode down! Next time we’ll find out why Onuss would rather die than meet The One Titan.

See you guys later!

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