Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 04

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 04

The sci-fi comic Titans|Divinity continues. We finally find out the answer to the question – what the devil is an Ego-Lattice?

Titans|Divinity – Darn Varnn


These Varnn can’t catch a break. The Titans kill you, and they’re still not done with you.

However, don’t feel too sorry for that guy, the Varnn aren’t exactly known for their friendly natures.

Pretty much anyone besides a Titan should be going the other way when a Varnn is in the area. This is the exact reason they aren’t allowed within Titan-Space.


The space constraints on the 4 panel comics are pretty brutal. This one was the worst. I’m not sure if you guys can tell what’s going on in the panels, even when you blow it up.

For this reason, I included a gallery of all the panels as separate images, AND I uploaded it to Slideshare and embedded it from there, too. Both of these methods should blow up fairly large and you can click through them at your own pace. Check them out below:

I don’t know how many people are really reading this yet, but if anyone has any comment on if this makes a difference at all, I’d appreciate it.

Behind the scenes

As usual, here’s a few behinds the scenes shots of Daz Studio and Blender, plus some early renders of the Varnn image:

Usually, there’s not much Blender use in these comics, maybe just a little bit here or there, but the one-off, higher-res images are usually done in Blender.

The Wrap Up

Well that’s another Titans episode down, and more to go. We still have to find out who sent those doggone Varnn anyway. Be back next week for more!

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7 thoughts on “Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 04

    1. Yeah I remember reading some of his essays on how the comic strip had been shrunk further and further over the years. He was a master, though, despite his problems. Those Calvin and Hobbes strips are pure gold.

      Thanks for checking these out, I’m looking forward to the next part, too :)

    1. Hi Ansh, the next part is finished and I’ve got to get a spare moment to go and post the darn thing, thanks for reading!

    1. Thanks a lot, Gary! The fifth part is already done so once I carve out a little breathing room I will get ‘er posted :)

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