Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 03

Comic: Titans-Divinity Episode 03

Time for another sci-fi episode of the Titans|Divinity saga. This week we introduce the Titan called Niva!

Titans|Divinity – NIVA


In this episode we’ve met yet another new Titan. Her name is Niva, and apparently she likes to spend her free time just chillin’ in an asteroid field.

I wanted to show here that she (and presumably any other Titan) has no problem existing in a vacuum.

Also, she seems to be even more excited than the other two guys at the prospect of administering “punishment” to someone. Maybe that’s why she was first on the dial.

Niva – 3D Action

Titans|Divinity - NIVA

So this is the first Titans piece I made all the way last year. All those floaty things in there are supposed to be molecules. Although looking at this now with fresh eyes I suppose those would actually have to be some big-ass molecules. Either that or she’s microscopic. Yeah that’s what I meant to do, she’s microscopic..!

Anyway, Niva was actually the first model I made of all the Titans. I was pretty proud of it, but as usual, pride comes before a fall. I was in the process of moving in between different versions of Daz Studio and somehow the Niva original file became corrupted.

Longtime readers of this site might remember I’ve had trouble with Daz Studio along those lines before. I can never say with certainty why this happens. The end result in this case was that the original Niva face was lost. When I tried to recreate it, I could never quite do it, it was always just a hairs-breadth away.

Eventually I became so annoyed at being so-close-but-so-far I just scrapped it and decided to make a totally different face, and so we have Niva as she is now. I am happy with it, but it took a long time to get there. Here’s a quick gallery of some of my attempts to get this right.

The Wrap Up

Ok, we’re all out of Titan action for today, but there’s even more cooking up for next week. Be back then to check it out, and please Like, share and otherwise alert your fellow Human to the existence of this comic if you enjoy it. Until next time, I’ll see you all later!

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    1. Thanks much, Gary. I just keep working away at my forge, er, computer until the wee hours of the night until it’s finally beaten into shape. Alas, a comic artist’s work is never done…

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