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The Cold Elf

Here’s the latest piece of art I created of Jorr the Elf for my short story “The Cold Elf”.


Last year I wrote a short fantasy story called The Cold Elf, and I even wrote up a piece here on this site about how the story came about, and how I intended to market it.

One of those ways was by offering high quality artwork as in incentive to buy, and by popping out new art on a consistent basis to keep awareness of the book alive.

Then, I proceeded to not do any of that. Oh, well.


So what you see above represents the first new piece of art for this story since my last blog post. It was created using Daz Studio and Blender. Below is the final render out of Blender.

The Cold Elf Final Render

As you can see it’s a bit flat compared to the final piece. I always do some “post-work” in Photoshop after the final render is complete.

Although this time I actually tried putting in some snow right in Blender using its particle system. Trying to render it slowed my computer to a crawl though. I’m sure there’s a method to mitigate the effects on render time, but at this point I didn’t think it was worth it to stop work and go on a tutorial spree. Next time…


Below you can see a general map of the progress of the art from beginning to the end. You can imagine me blurting out “Pfhaaaugh!” in disgust as I viewed most of these renders. Eh, Rome wasn’t built in a day…


So the next thing is to pimp this around the net at my various image sites (deviantart, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.). You never know who might see it and decided to check it out.

Also, as mentioned in my previous Cold Elf blog post, I’m using Gumroad to sell the Premium version of the book, which has all the artwork, so I’ve now updated the downloadable file on there with the new artwork.

If you’re interested in a short fantasy read and some cool art make sure to jump over to The Cold Elf book site to check out a preview and read more about the book.

See you guys next time!

The Cold Elf book cover

“A young, bitter Elf undertakes a solitary journey, in search of a weapon that could be the last hope of his people.”

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2 thoughts on “More The Cold Elf Artwork

  1. “Then, I proceeded to not do any of that. Oh, well.” LOL! At least you were honest and funny about it all.

    Your artwork just amazes me, especially because I was never any kind of artist but at one point in my life, between 10 and 12, I really wanted to be. It’s probably best I tried other pursuits instead.

    I see you sell it for the Nook for .99 cents. After checking the preview, I might have to break down… and then review it (be scared, be very scared… lol).

    1. Yeah there was no one to blame but myself–as usual lol.

      You already let me know on Twitter that you bought it, so I hope you like it. Either way I appreciate you giving it a shot!

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