John Garrett Interviewed on Genesis Science Fiction Radio

John Garrett Interviewed on Genesis Science Fiction Radio


Hey everyone, I was recently interviewed on the Genesis Science Fiction Radio Show, produced by the Black Science Fiction Society.

I’ve been a member for many years now, and I also help to produce their quarterly Genesis Science Fiction Magazine, which features stories and art from a wide variety of talented Black creators. I even did the cover for issue number two:

Genesis Science Fiction Magazine

When they asked me to be on, I was definitely nervous, not only because past guests are some impressive folks, with all kinds of credentials to their names, but also because it’s a 2 hour show, and what the heck was I gonna talk about for 2 hours?

But William, the host, was very professional and kept the interview flowing very smoothly, so my fears were unfounded.

Another worry of mine was that no one would call in during the second half of the show when we got to the audience participation. Again I worried for nothing, because I got a lot of interesting questions that really kept the discussion moving.

The funny thing is, just like my last interview, I never got around to talking about my Stupid Clowns ebook! Since it’s the only product I have for sale, it seems strange that I rarely promote it, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I’d rather let the talk just go where it goes than break the flow and force in a product blurb.

Anyway, I want to keep this real short, so if you’re interested in hearing me blather on for 2 hours then by all means please check it out.

I’ll see you guys next time, enjoy the show (requires flash to listen to the embedded web player):

If you’d rather download it instead, click here (direct link to .mp3 file – 49.1mb).

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11 thoughts on “John Garrett Interviewed on Genesis Science Fiction Radio

  1. John, that is awesome. If you have a transcript for the hearing-impaired among us, I’ll read your blather. LOL.

    We gotta do something about that one-trick pony status. You are so much more than Stupid Clowns!!!



    1. Mitch! How are you man? Very good to hear from you, and thanks much for the compliments.

      I don’t think there’s a transcript of these shows, but I’m going to talk to them about it. They are pretty on the ball so I’m sure they would see the need for something like this. 2 hours is a big commitment for many folks.

      I’m working on a graphic novel now, so I’ll be starting the promos for that as it gets closer to completion. Then I’ll have two books out there that don’t sell :)

      Anyway, hope all is good for you!

      1. I’m fine. LOL You seriously temptin the Universe with that negative vibe, man? {Takes two steps backwards and trips over a pile of Stupid Clown e-books…}

        Sounds good, you working on a novel. Carry on!

        I don’t pop up much, but I do read your feeds.



  2. We’ve also got to do something about your forgetting to pimp your book; I mean come on, I like that bad boy a lot! lol

    And sure, CommentLuv hates me tonight; sigh…

    1. Hey Mitch, sorry about that CommentLuv, must have been a system-wide glitch?

      And yeah I need help when it comes to marketing lol! I haven’t got it right in 2 years! grrrr…

  3. Its always an honor to receive an invite to be interview on any media platform. You produce intellectually stimulating content and deserved the call. Most entrepreneurs dream of a fraction of that kind of exposure, me included.

    1. Hi Silas,

      you’re right, it is indeed an honor to be asked, because it means *someone* appreciates you.

      If you keep plugging away, meeting fellow bloggers in and out of your niche, then you’ll eventually be found by those who want to know more about you and your business.

      Thanks for listening!

  4. Nice! I haven’t heard your voice before. I like the way the host read the site URL – it seemed to be hard for him :)
    I love listening to this interview. Now I think I know you better!
    Good luck, pal!!

    1. Thanks for listening, Ted! Yeah people don’t know how to pronounce the name of the site sometimes…why’d I pick this name anyway?!? lol

      thanks for stoping by as usual!

  5. You did great in the interview, John. I agree, it’s much better to just let the interview go with the flow but maybe next time, just before it ends, you can casually mention your Stupid Clowns e-book. Free promotion is free promotion, after all. Haha

    1. Hi Rob, thanks for listening, man. Yeah I gotta remember if I ever get another interview to actually mention the thing I have for sale, lol. Oh, well. Live and learn :P

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