Monday Comics – The WRATH of Old Man Winter PT 2

Get ready! It’s time for a comic throw-down in Brew City. The brawl begins in part 2 of The Wrath of Old Man Winter!


Hey guys, it’s been a long time since the original posting of part 1 of The Wrath of Old Man Winter, but I finally cranked this bad boy out.

If you need to refresh your memory hit that link above and check out the first part, then head back here to pick up with part 2!

The Wrath of Old Man Winter pt 2

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Well, I have to apologize for taking pretty much a month to update this series. It isn’t even winter anymore but the battle still rages. Oh, will be winter again next year!

I’ve run on and on before about how long some of these comics are, and this is a big factor on my getting these out in time.

Normally I have a couple of evenings and a few hours on the weekend set aside to get these comics done, but all it takes is a few client emergencies and my comic schedule goes out the window.

If I could condense my ideas into less panels that would really let me crank out more stuff. While I’m wishing I might as well throw world peace in there, too…

After the final part of Old Man Winter I may try my hand at doing some one-panel comics for my various comic series. Although that may end up being an exercise in frustration as well. Curses. Why can’t things be easy for me? It is a mystery…


Well enough boo-hooing. I want to tell you guys some things about this week’s comic.

Some of you may notice I put in the 3D city in the background just like last time. Well, this time I actually included a photograph of the Pentagon right in the comic.

I feel bad, because I could have actually drawn it, but was too lazy. Then I looked for a 3D model of the Pentagon, but they were quite expensive. Again, I actually could have made a 3D model of the Pentagon in Blender, but see the beginning of this paragraph re: laziness…

So I did a Google Images search and came up with the photo you see in the panel. I couldn’t find the original source of the photo to attribute it to. I even did a “search by image” on Google to see if I could find a source, but no go.

Still, my detective kick was not over. I opened the image in Photoshop and tried to find any copyright info placed in the file, but there was nothing. NOTHING, I say.

This may be ok for a free comic I’m providing online, but eventually I’ll want to collect all the comics into a printed book. To be safe I know I’ll have to actually draw a picture of the pentagon for that panel to cover my ass –legally, that is.


This time I remembered to scan in the pencils for this comic before I went over it with ink, so here they are:

And here’s the inked over versions:

If you look closely, you’ll see that I actually didn’t remember who was fighting who! For some reason, even though Vicious Thug Winter was obviously fighting President Obama, I placed him in the fight with Good Old Chuck -even after I established Young Punk Winter as Chuck’s opponent in the opening panel of their fight.

My brain must have been halfway to meltdown or something. Not only did I draw it in there in pencil, but I went ahead and inked over it, and was about to color it before I even noticed it was the wrong character!

Then I had to stop, go grab my pencil and quick draw up a shot of Young Punk Winter running away from Chuck’s “weapon” and drop him into the panel in Photoshop.

I hate to mix up my processes that way, meaning that when I’m in Photoshop doing my coloring thing I like to stay in that mindset. I get a one-track mind when it comes to my process, which probably isn’t good, but there it is…


Well, I’m a bit under the gun on a project so I’ll try to put up the grand finale of this series next week. Even if it doesn’t go up next Monday I promise it won’t be a whole month before we see the conclusion, though. Thanks much for reading, and let me know any questions or comments you might have down below in the comment section. See you next time!

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48 thoughts on “Monday Comics – The WRATH of Old Man Winter PT 2

  1. John, great art takes time. You shouldn’t worry about cranking out these on a Marvel Comics editorial calendar or something. Knowing how hard you work to bring these to life make me appreciate them even more.

    As always, the campy storyline is true to the genre. “Deploy the nukes!” Indeed. LOL



    1. Thanks Mitch for understanding.

      I wish I was to the point where making comics was all I had to do lol. I’m still going to try to hone my story-telling craft a bit and see if I can compress the same amount of story into less panels, even though technically I have unlimited space.

      Stay tuned till next time and we’ll see how that nuke deployment plays out!

      1. I hear you here, we all have our hobbies and probably all want “do them full time” to make the cash we need. I think that you look like you could be on your way there even if you havent made it yet.

        1. hi Chrissie, I hope you’re right! Everyone has to put in the work to make their dreams happen, though.

          But I agree that we all have our own passions, and the people who can make a living from their passions are usually the happiest.

          Thanks much for reading!

    1. HI Margarita, thanks much for the compliment, and I hope you enjoyed the first part as much as you did the second!

  2. That was crazy when the big guy picked his nose and tried to put snot on them. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest in “The Nuclear Option”. It still came out good even though you used the wrong character. Good luck with the Grand Finale.

    1. Hey John, thanks for reading man. I didn’t know if I went too far with the whole nose thing or not. Still waiting for the first angry comment on that lol.

      Thanks for the luck-wishing. To pack in all I want to get into this finale, I’m gonna need it!

  3. I think the nose picking thing was great JG. I loved this installment over all as usual. I was going to ask you what kind of ink or what kind of program you used to design your comics, so I was glad to see you actually included the pencil sketches before you colored them!

    I thought you were designing your comics using a computer program, thanks for keeping it real paper and pencil style.


    1. Hi Judah, thanks for reading, man.

      Yeah even though I use some 3D programs at times, I’ll always do something with plain old pencil and paper, it’s the way I did it when I was just learning.

      I’ll usually say in the notes when I’ve used 3D or not just in case people are interested. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Hi John,
    I appreciate your work.I really liked scan in the pencil and it shows your talent.Thanks

  5. OMG the final slideshow! EWWWW and ha ha! I don’t know how you draw all that in what I consider a short time. I want to see you on Draw Something! I can’t imagine what you would draw in that game. ha ha ha

    1. Hey Melinda I’ve got to try out that Draw Something for myself. Now watch I’ll totally suck at it and my whole “artist mystique” will be blown! lol

  6. That’s just nasty; LOL! That’s one of my favorite lines, and I laughed out loud at that. Love the cartoon, but what you’re talking about is something I’ve been wondering, which is just how much work it is putting something like this together. For the remuneration it seems not to be justified all the time, unless you’re putting together another comic book. But I love it.

    1. Yes Mitch you’re onto the crux of the situation here. While I love making comics, I don’t really make any money doing it so I’ve been forced lately to push it to the side for paying work.

      I think as long as I don’t push myself for a weekly schedule, yet still keep a consistent bi-weekly schedule, then I can continue doing the quality of stuff people seem to like.

      Eventually I will collect this stuff into a printed volume but I’m also working on comics that haven’t been seen online and some other stuff as an incentive to buy. Thanks for reading, man!

      1. Hey, I love the comics. Of course, maybe you need to find a mastermind group to help you in thinking things through such as marketing and publicity, so that you can do what you do and get paid nicely for it. Speaking of which, how’s the book going?

  7. Wow! You draw so well. You could actually be a rival of Marvel comics. I wonder how good can you get in Draw Something. How I wish I can draw as good as that. :) Good job!

    1. Thanks Dolly, I’d like to create anything that rivaled one of Marvel’s characters, so I appreciate the compliment. Thanks for commenting!

  8. The wrath of the old man winter is pretty cool. I love the concept. The comic are awesome.

  9. You’re really a great artist! Thanks for showing the sketches, at least now I know how a comic strip looks like before the final product. I’m definitely checking the next part!

    – Cristina

    1. hi Cristina thank a lot for the compliment. I’m glad you and other people are digging the “behind the scenes” sketches!

  10. damn that old man winter! hilarious as usual jg. could you take care of ole boy asap. i’ll be in wisconsin soon!

    1. What up, Vel?

      Yeah I will clobber that clown eventually so don’t be afraid to come back lol.

      Let me know when you get back into town!

  11. Man, I love your behind the scenes sections! I have no idea why, but I like these pencil drawings more than the actual outcome of the comic…does this make me an amateur? :)

  12. That’s a great work John, very artistic.
    I really enjoy reading and looking at the comic. I absolutely love the pencil and ink paragraph. Your pencils before the ink, are amazing.
    Keep up the good work John.

  13. You really did a good job here JG. Very creative, its not easy to find time and finish something this alive. :) Every action scene are well defined, plus the old woman’s face, its priceless. :)

  14. Deployed nuclear warheads because the president is involved in a street brawl? Where are the Secret Service agents anyway?

  15. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes part of your post as I never really had a clue as to what went into creating a comic strip – definitely opened my eyes as to how much work is done before a comic gets into my hand. Thanks for teaching me something new today.

  16. Another great work John! My favorite part of your comics is that the behind the scenes part in which you will know how the characters are evolve. Nice share!

  17. can’t wait to see if they are gonna use the nukes! ahaha very good story.
    For the pentagon photo… are you really worried that someone will sue you for using a photo found on google? people do this every day… some people would just retouch the pic in photoshop to make it look like a drawing.

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