Hypertransitory Monday Comics #7 – The Commander Series pt 2!

Welcome back Hypertransitory readers! It’s time for this week’s Monday Comics. This time it’s the continuation of the sci-fi comic The Commander Series!

If you missed the first part, check it out here:

Hypertransitory Monday Comics #6 – The Commander Series!

Read on for this week’s episode:

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One thing I keep running into is that it’s really difficult for me to compress my stories into one page at a time like this, that’s why these comics are getting so long.

I don’t know if it’s better for the reader to break it up into multiple pages or just keep it as one long single page as seen here.


I’m working on a slideshow format for those who just want the comics and no extra crap. The only problem is I just can’t find the perfect slideshow setup for WordPress.

I’m currently moving ahead with Slideshow Gallery Pro, but I’m running into an issue, of course. Hopefully I can get it resolved but so far no answer from support.

I also checked out Webcomic and Comicpress but I had trouble getting them to work the way I wanted.

Slideshow Gallery Pro is actually working the way I want except with a couple of caveats right now. If I can get that worked out we’ll see the gallery up soon.

Anyway, that’s my complaining for this time. I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Commander Series. Let me know what you thought in the comments and I’ll see you back for next week’s conclusion!

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21 thoughts on “Hypertransitory Monday Comics #7 – The Commander Series pt 2!

  1. Hi John,

    First, great comic! I needed that laugh today. So, check it out, you’re on the bleeding edge of the comic universe. The technical issues don’t seem to be a problem. Frankly, having one huge image is preferable to waiting – there’s no disruption of the flow and you can do those funky 3-D effects with stuff exploding into other panels.

    More practically, you’ve given yourself a larger canvas, the bubbles can move out into the inter-panel voids (or whatever the term you comic artists use for “padding”) and you can do the cool thin with the death star as a background, near the end.

    I do hope this continues each Monday. Your humor is so refreshing, yet genre-friendly. I felt like I was playing Gazillionaire. (Google that)

    As an aside, there is a really cool game for PC or Mac called Orbital Trader. I used to play it whenever I needed my Star Trek fix. (diogames.com/OrbitalTrader.html)



    1. Hey Mitch, I do hope your day is going better now :)

      That’s the kind of feedback I was hoping for .I kept thinking “are people going to be pissed this image is so long”?

      I’m just too biased to judge for myself.

      I never heard of Gazillionaire! I looked it up and it looks really cool. I used to play a game called “Elite” way back in my Commodore 64 days.

      It was just pure space trading, and the screen was white wireframe graphics on black background, but I used to get so immersed it was like a whole real world.

      I oughtta see if I can find that in emulation somewhere…

  2. Haha those “people” have no hearts, so cool! =D
    The only space game I really got into was EVE online. I was on the receiving end of pirate bullets there (and lasers, and bombs) since I was a trader.

    1. Hey Nicko!

      I always wanted to play Eve, but when it came out it wasn’t available for the Mac. Now I’d be afraid to start playing because of the time investment.

      Also I hear those space pirates in Eve are pretty brutal for new players!

  3. Hey John,

    I know I’ve said this before but you are so talented. Your drawings are amazing, I only wish I could do that.

    I agree with Mitch, I enjoyed reading the flow of the comic. They can just open it into a new window and read it very easily.

    Great job, as always. Poor guy, guess I’ll have to wait to see if he actually got wacked!


    1. Hi Adrienne!

      Thanks for reading. I super-glad that you get a kick out of this.

      This particular comic I do in 3D, so I didn’t actually draw it, but I’ll take the compliment nonetheless! lol!

      And please tune in on Monday for the thrilling conclusion to see if our hapless pilot survives his encounter with the Commander :)

    1. Jake, thanks for reading, man!

      Stay tuned for monday for the conclusion of this round of The Commander Series.

      There’s more to come!

  4. I can’t wait how it looks on a slide show format. I enjoyed reading another episode of your comics. I find it funny and exciting though it is only a page. I can’t wait to read the next one though. I hope the strangers okay, he was making so much noise being noticed and now he has to explode.

    1. Hi Donna, the slideshow is actually done, but I don’t like it so I haven’t taken it live yet.

      I so wish I could find a slideshow/gallery plugin that I actually liked. Apparently I am impossible to please.

      Well I hope you saw the latest episode (part 3) to learn the fate of our hapless pilot.

      Thanks for commenting!

    1. Hi Carina!

      I hope you checked out part 3 already for the conclusion. thanks for commenting and thanks to your cousin for recommending this site!

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