Hypertransitory Monday Comics #5 – Stupid Clowns!

Time for another Hypertransitory Monday Comics, and this time it’s the final preview for my upcoming e-book How To Deal With Stupid Clowns Who Don’t Know What The Hell They’re Talking About!

When I say upcoming, I mean THIS WEEK…as in Friday, Oct 7th!
The comic contains panels of art from the ebook, so check it out!

Those of you who want to read up on what this ebook is can click here:


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It’s been a hell of a ride creating this e-book, with some unexpected obstacles along the way.

But I managed to keep on keepin’ on and I got it done. I can hardly believe it, but I did it!

I originally meant for this thing to be around 30 pages or so, but it ended up ballooning to about 70 pages or so. I added in some previously done content and now it’s topped out at 80 whole pages! Wow!

And if this preview isn’t enough, those of you on my mailing list should have gotten the download link for the 1st chapter!

Not on the list? No problem, go ahead and sign up (use the form on the top right column) and you’ll also get the link to grab the 1st chapter.

Stupid Clowns will go on sale for $10 (U.S.), but those of you on my email list will be able to get it for $7 (U.S.). Holy Hannah, Batman!!

So that’s all for today’s Monday Comics, if you checked out the first chapter please let me know what you thought in the comments and I hope you’ll be around on Friday to pick up the full version!

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26 thoughts on “Hypertransitory Monday Comics #5 – Stupid Clowns!

  1. John,

    re: Stupid Clowns Preview:

    “The Awful Truth: Stupid clowns have successfully infiltrated every aspect and
    social strata of society. If everywhere you go, you look around and up and
    down and you just can’t spot the stupid clown, that means the stupid clown is

    Best. Garrettism. Ever.

    You are the MAN! I love the layout, the presentation and the artwork. I’m going to dedicate a whole page on Morpho Designs for this, if you want.



    1. Thanks, Mitch! I’m really glad you enjoyed that preview, man.

      I’d definitely appreciate your support, look out for the email I sent you!

  2. Congratulations John, I know this was probably a big job for you. Fun but sounds like it turned into a lot more than you had originally anticipated.

    Thanks for the creating this and I’m anxious to read it. Can’t wait to dive in and see what you have shared with us. I have no doubt it will be good!


    1. Thanks Adrienne! Yes it did turn out to be a bigger job than I expected, but it makes me feel even better for getting it done. I truly truly hope you enjoy it!

  3. All right, John! I subscribed to get the full first chapter!
    I enjoyed the comic so far and I will make sure to get back in order to give you opinion on it as soon as I read it through!
    Congrats for finishing it, I hope you are happy with the work done so far.

    1. Hi Kristina, thanks for subscribing! I hope you enjoy the first chapter and I’ll look forward to seeing your comments :)

      1. Read it and absolutely loved it!
        Sorry for taking time to post the comment, I read the first chapter some days ago already.

    1. Lol yeah I couldn’t decide what part of the book to put up there so I grabbed some random panels and put it all together. I hope it wasn’t too confusing!

  4. I always love these comics they are whitty and subtle and show that any can deal with bad problems there are an inspiration

  5. Hey JG,
    I think you could have named this comic. How to deal with virtually anyone. I would categorize almost everyone in the “do not know what they are talking about” category, including myself of course. ;D

    1. Hi Alice, I think the difference is when most of us don’t know what we’re talking about we just don’t speak on that particular matter lol.

      Stupid clowns keep running their mouths 24/7!

      thanks for reading and thanks for the comment!

    1. Hi Kenny, thanks for reading and subscribing. If you like that first chapter you can always pick up the whole book. Let me know what you think!

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