Hypertransitory Monday Comics #4 – Kid Hype pt 4

Welcome back, Hypertransitory readers!

It’s time for another Monday Comics episode. This week it’s the conclusion of our inaugural Kid Hype story arc! This week we find out…THE PLAN!

If you missed any of the story so far you can check check out the previous Kid Hype Monday Comics installments at this link.

For those of you all caught up, here’s part 4:

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And that wraps up a solid month of Kid Hype stories. Don’t worry, he’ll be back in the rotation in the future, but until he returns make sure to check back every Monday to see what new comic pops up!

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32 thoughts on “Hypertransitory Monday Comics #4 – Kid Hype pt 4

    1. Hey Andrew!

      This is only the end of this part of Kid Hype, he’ll be back eventually. I just want to keep changing it up for a bit and get some of my other ideas out there.

      Thanks for reading, bro!

  1. Awesome man. Simply awesome! I’d love to have your artistic talent man. But like I said – I live through my 8 year daughters…she’s an artist her self.

    Hope you’re well.


    1. JK thank you for dropping in here and checking these out. I appreciate your comments, man. I’m sure your daughter will be posting her artwork soon! Is she doing digital art? these kids learn so fast now days!

  2. Hey, John!
    Since the main characters always stay until the end, I bet it is Harlan’s soul that will be taken due to his failure to comply with his master’s wishes.
    Hmm…or you might want to surprise us with the next part?Guess I will just have to stick around and check out for more comics in the next weeks…
    Take care.

    1. Hi Kristina!

      We’ll have to see if Harlan manages to hold onto his soul. Kid Hype will be back in the future for certain and we’ll find out more at that point.

      Be ready for some different stuff coming up in the coming weeks, though. Thanks for reading, as usual :)

  3. I still have my DC comics with me and I love comic books and magazine. I just like your illustrations or drawing, that brings me back to the days were me and my friends cut classes just to go to a comic stand and line up there seriously reading the new comic book which just arrive a day before. Expect me to be here most often.

    1. Hey kozagirl! So are you keeping up with the new DC 52?

      And yes you’re bringing back memories of all the stuff I used to do to get my hands on some comics lol.

      I hope to see you around here!

    1. Yeah he had to follow proper termination procedure or else open himself up to a lawsuit! Thanks for commenting!

  4. Good stuff, I like your artistic style.
    This story is the first time I’ve seen your work, so gonna take a bit of time and check out your archives.

  5. OH SNAP!! It wasn’t just the Nazis after all! They were just pawns lol really exciting. You have a knack for ending each strip well, leaving the reader hanging and waiting for the next installment. Keep it up, I can”t wait to read part 5!

    1. I’m working on the continuation of Kid Hype for mid year in 2012, so we should be seeing his return coming up soon. I’m glad you liked it, Kid Hype is kind of my “flagship” character so I always feel good when people like the story.

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