How to Deal With Stupid Clowns – PT 2

Greetings once again, Hypertransitory readers!

Ever since my post introducing my new ebook How to deal with stupid clowns who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about! -I’ve had many people ask me why I decided to write this book.

Just what is the deal with JG and stupid clowns, anyway?

Well, this is kind of personal, but I decided to bare my soul…in comic form! Read on to witness The Origin of JG!

The Secret Origin of JG

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So anyway, as you can tell, this is a completely original story the likes of which has never been seen before. Now that you know the awful truth make sure to get on the mailing list (link below) for updates and to be notified when the e-book hits!


How to Deal With Stupid Clowns who don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about!

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32 thoughts on “How to Deal With Stupid Clowns – PT 2

  1. Bro you have some of the best work when it comes to comic writing. I think you will make it to the top one day if your not already there.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Thanks, much Traffic! I’m not there yet but I will get there eventually. Here’s hoping hard work will pay off!

  3. I can see that you have a future as comic writer. Why don’t you try to keep it up? I think if you’re really serious in it, you can get a success in it.

    1. You’re right Andrew, if I would stick with this stuff I could probably do something with it. I’ve been notoriously lazy in the past, but I will definitely be on the ball from now on.

      I’ve got a ton more ideas to unleash as soon as this ebook is finished!

      1. Watch out for laziness ! It such a bad thing! I have some great ideas but damn…to realize them…it takes sooooo much.

        I wish i wasn’t so lazy. It more serious than you may think. Am heading to library tomorrow to grab some stuff about it. (my librarian knows everything)

        Oh and great comics man :)

  4. wow… i hope i could be a great comic artist too.. i hope to see more of your works! i’m a fan!

  5. I am a big fan in comic,i love to go back and read more,i guess this make you on top.Keep going..

  6. Love it explained in a comic! I can see how someone can be annoyed to death. I’ve almost been there…at PTA meetings. :)

    1. PTA meetings? Melinda, that’s one dread place where even I don’t dare to tread! It’s probably about that time of year for more meetings to begin, too. Shudder…good luck!

  7. Hey, John,
    liked the comic intro and waiting to see more of it.Made me laugh to read that part where it is said “green sweater, glasses..that’s it?”
    Well, I think there is much more than that to the defender of the ignorance! I will be back for more…

    1. Hi Kristina! Thanks for reading, and there’s more coming up so definitely check back.

      I was lucky that green sweater, glasses and hair clippers showed up when they did, i was all out of inspiration!

  8. John, no you didn’t go there with the pick!
    JG would make a great addition to the League of Justice. Supreme court needs a little house-cleaning, anyway!

    Great Job (heh, JG backwards)



  9. Way back to my elementary days i always save my money just to buy a comic i really love comic book.

  10. Hi John, just wanted to say how great your comics are. Keep up the good work. You are so talented :)

    Have a good day,

    1. Hey Anita, thanks much for the compliment – I definitely intend to keep it up :) I’m glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting!

    1. Ileane! Such an honor to have you here, my friend. Thanks for the compliment and the share -I most definitely appreciate it. I’m headed over there now, lol!

  11. My son do the same thing i wonder he always save his money till i find out he as file up comic book.thanks for sharing…

    1. Hi Beverly! Yeah those were the days when you could afford to waste all your money on a comic book :)

      You’re very welcome and thanks for commenting!

  12. Thanks for your book review.You gave so many good reasons that I’m so curious and I can not wait to read it now.I’m also a big fan of comics^^

  13. Hi John !
    Funny Comics as always! Keep up the good work. Hope you will make another stories :)

    1. Hi Karen,

      thanks for the compliment! I am definitely up to some new stuff so keep watching :)

  14. Great! hopefully i fine comics like this, I am one of the big fans of comics, keep it up and have a good work, thanks post sharing your thought to us….

    1. Hi Arjohn! Thanks for reading and commenting, appreciate you taking time to check it out!

  15. I love the story! Great work :) I’ll keep myself posted with the next episode. :)

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