My Joomla SWMenu Video Tutorial now showing on the official site!

Good news, folks. Sean White, the creator of the SWMenuPro system for Joomla over at saw my video tutorial the other day and wanted to use it on his official site. Awesome!

Now, he never asked me to do this, but I don’t have a problem promoting any software that saves me time and money and makes me more efficient.

It turns out I did make a small error regarding the menus not validating depending on which css handling option you choose. The menus validate regardless of which option you choose. It must have been something with the template I was using at the time that caused it not to validate.

Anyway, I have to admit that it feels good to have my work recognized “officially”. So here’s the vid again. If you’re a Joomla wrangler who hasn’t seen it and you need any drop-down/slider/accordian type menus head over there and pick it up, you won’t regret it.

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8 thoughts on “My Joomla SWMenu Video Tutorial now showing on the official site!

  1. When i click on the sw in he components it shows me just the joomla header and footer and textsaying “DB reported no errors” but no configuration secton, any ideas?
    tryed reinstalling of course

    1. Hey Dima,

      who is your webhost? sometimes depending on the host the installs go wrong. Especially if they’re not running it in an optimal setup (ie running it on windows or something).

      Also, did you try installing it via the other methods? (like install from URL and install form directory) -sometimes that works better, too.

    1. Hi Dima, sorry for the late reply!

      If you haven’t got this worked out, I wonder if you’d let me take a gander inside your admin area? If so you can use my contact form and let me have your login info so I can see what’s really going on in there.

      You can always change the login later. Or you could just make another admin user and when we’re done you can just delete that one.

      Let me know what you think. I bet we can get this worked out.

  2. ive now passed to a diffrent host becus of some compatibility issues, I’m checking it again as im typing, ill let you know soon enough.

  3. I followed your instructional video on drop down menus with swmenufree. My drop down items show without being hovered on. They are static all the time. Please let me know if you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Linda,

      are you talking about the site your name links to? If not can you send me the url so I can check it out?

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