On Web Hosting – My Thoughts

I’ve had a few questions regarding web hosting from friends and clients recently, so I thought I’d do a video with my general opinion web hosting these days.

Let me know your opinions or tales if you have anything you want to share. I’ll probably do more videos because I have more specific web hosting topics I’d like to address.

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8 thoughts on “On Web Hosting – My Thoughts

  1. I totally agree with you. I work with WordPress only, and I’ve encountered incomplete WordPress installs with several hosts’ auto install (I manually install only now). Also another issue with having the datebase locked up, and I had to install the phpMyAdmin software myself to access the database. That was a jaw dropping shock that anyone claiming to be WordPress friendly wouldn’t offer that standard on the hosting control panel. I moved that client’s site to a new host. Also hosts that limit what plugins you can use, etc. Crazy stuff out there. You are right in there is so much choice, look for the host that really is Joomla-friendly, WordPress-friendly, etc and doesn’t place restrictions.. Asking people who deal with multiple hosting companies will give you a better feel for which ones are good and which aren’t because you can’t always tell until you have experienced using them. My opinion on a hosting company sometimes changes during the year. Some start off good and go downhill as they get too popular.

  2. Yes it’s unfortunate that sometimes you have to “learn the hard way”, but it makes you more savvy so you can spot the bad ones earlier.

    I also had a host that didn’t have a phpMyAdmin installed! Wow, who puts up with this stuff?

    I ran into a couple of hosts that block specific plugins, too. Yikes! It sucks when you’re relying on that for a client only to find out at install time that you can’t run it.

    Now I’m with Site 5 hosting I haven’t had any problems. In fact they’ve been proactive about emailing me with ways I can save money. Never had a host do that before.

    Anyway, I hope others realize they don’t have to put up with this crazy stuff and you can always walk when it happens.

    Thanks for commenting, Melinda!

  3. The one time I tried to make a blog, and install applications via WordPress, I was completely thrown off. Half of the plug-ins didn’t work! It looked more like a mess then it did a real site, and it was frustrating. I haven’t tried to begin one since, because I’m afraid of what will happen or what it will look like. It’s baffling why the creators haven’t done anything to fix the problems that we all seem to face. In your opinion, though- what’s the best host in comparison of functions that WordPress offers?

    1. Hey Sam,

      Are you talking about installing WordPress via your hosting C-Panel or back-end control panel?

      Sometimes it can go awry depending on the script they use. Fantastico usually does a great job. There’s anther one call Simple Machines (I think…).

      Anyway obviously I prefer Site5.com hosting (as I have their affiliate link in my sidebar), but a lot of WordPressers I know use Hostgator.com.

      If you look here at WordPress.org:

      You’ll see the hosts that they themselves recommend. Sometimes it can be an ordeal! If you give it another shot, let me know if yo have any problems. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Just watched your video, and I totally agree with you.

    Actually got a personal example of switching web hosts all the time.

    It all started out with me wanting to blog. So I started blogging and for some strange reason gained insane amounts of traffic.

    I then got an e-mail from my host saying I was about to surpass the limit of my web hosting account. So I paid for another upgrade.

    But that did not really help as I got featured in one of Sweden’s biggest blogs a few weeks after and gained lots of followers that way. After that, I had to upgrade once again.

    So I really, really, really recommend people to take your advice: start small, and grow naturally :)

    1. You ain’t lying. I’ve seen that happen too. It really sucks when the host doesn’t have a well planned upgrade path.

      Every time I go to a site from Digg or Reddit and the server is down I think “damn they should have chosen their host better.”

      Nabil, thanks for commenting, I hope to see you around more. peace!

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