My Mini Photoshop Rant

It’s rare that I have Photoshop gripes or issues. Mostly because I’m usually pissed off at Illustrator, but also because Photoshop is made so well that there are really very few problems.

However, I was doing some work tonight and I needed to save some files in the TIFF format. Well, has anyone ever noticed that the dad-gummed TIFF selection is placed all the way down at the bottom of the pull-down menu? Come ON Adobe!

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s alphabetical, but it still pisses me off. They managed to stuff “Photoshop DCS” format all the way at the bottom out of the way, and regular Photoshop format is always right there at the top.

photoshop file format menu
Tiff is at the BOTTOM of the photoshop file format menu

You know why? Because EVERYONE saves as a Photoshop .psd at some point, and NO ONE saves as DCS file format anymore (if you do, please accept my condolences -DCS files suck).

Adobe would you just put the damned TIFF format at the top right under the Photoshop listing? Sheesh! This is something you can actually do really quick, heck I could do it!

Since you won’t fix the spot-color stuff, just do this small thing for me Adobe, since I know you’re reading this site every day without fail.

I should also mention, it was just the right number of files where there were not enough to make it worthwhile setting up an action, but just enough to make it a little bit of annoying work doing it by hand.

I tell you guys, the things I have to put up with. Woe is me. Oh well, such is life I guess…

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